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AFTER Our Event


Welcome to Your metroMAGAZINE/mQUARTERLY POST-EVENT Assistant!


This page is designed to help us cover your event after it occurs. Everything here is designed to simplify the process of collecting or editing your post-event promotional materials, based on the EXPANDED COVERAGE OPTIONS your organization has selected. ​PLEASE CONTACT US at if you have not yet LOCKED-IN your nonprofit discount package!


(Please SKIP this section and go directly to "AFTER OUR EVENT" below if you've already locked-in expanded coverage for your event.)

  • EXPANDED COVERAGE of nonprofit events in metroMAGAZINE/mQUARTERLY's SCENE section is always made available at a special nonprofit discount rate. Please contact us at if you have not yet selected your expanded coverage option. (If you wish to opt-out of expanded coverage there is no need to contact us.)
  • In addition, participants in The Giving Guide & Event Book are eligible for EXTRA discounts. Please contact us at the email above if you wish to discuss taking advantage of this added benefit, and mention The Giving Guide & Event Book in your email. ​

We always attempt to reserve space for as many events in our SCENE section as we can. These paid options guarantee that your event will be prominently featured. Whether or not you purchase expanded coverage, we're here to serve you with sensitivity to your unique budget needs. We exist to support your mission & connect you to your community!


If your event has not yet taken place, CLICK HERE to use our PRE EVENT promotional assistant.

IF YOUR EVENT HAS ALREADY OCCURRED... CONGRATULATIONS! Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below.



Your Post Event Information:

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*IMPORTANT NOTE: All final content for our SCENE section - including the photos & content utilized for expanded coverage - are ultimately determined by our Editors. We will attempt to honor your suggestions as closely as possible but make no implicit or explicit guarantees that all of your items will be published precisely as suggested or preferred. 


Name of Your Organization:

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Name of Your Event:

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We make every effort to reserve at least a half page of coverage in our SCENE section for every event we know about, but space limitations are a fact of life in print publishing.
Upgraded coverage GUARANTEES that you'll "make the cut" and will be featured more prominently.

 ​ ​REQUIRED: You must select one of the coverage options below in order to submit your information!

Selecting one of these options does not obligate you in any way. 
We will contact you separately if you have not already signed up for expanded coverage.

Your Post Event Photos:

Please do not add titles, honoraria or additional pertinent information to the captions. The only exceptions are government dignitaries, (Senator, Mayor, etc.) and Honorary and Event Chairs. We cannot include honoraria for CEOS, Presidents, Guild & committee titles, etc. in this limited space. Due to these space limitations we cannot include anything but names. Please include such additional information in the body of your information above. 

How to Send Us Your Photos:


  • EMAIL US: You can EMAIL US your photos and captions as long as the total combined image data for each email is less than 9MB. In such cases we recommend sending two or three JPEG images at a time. Please include this in your SUBJECT LINE: "PHOTOS ATTACHED FOR [Organization, Event] Message 1 of 4" etc. Specifics in your subject help us serve you quickly and efficiently. (Please include the filenames of your images and the priority order, and make sure your captions reference the filenames of your images, and adhere to our Caption Guidelines):
  • UPLOAD DIRECTLY: You can upload your photos and captions directly to us by CLICKING HERE: This allows you to upload larger photo files and accompanying captions directly to us. 

    VERY IMPORTANT: ALL IMAGES MUST BE RE-LABELED WITH YOUR ORGANIZATION IN THE FILENAME AND ACCOMPANIED BY A CAPTIONS DOCUMENT THAT NAMES YOUR ORGANIZATION, EVENT AND NAMES OF PEOPLE IN THE SUPPLIED PHOTOS. If this documentation is not provided or your photos are not properly labeled, we cannot determine which event to connect them to, and your photos cannot be used.

DO NOT upload files with names such as: "IMG7081.jpg" OR "DSC1135.jpg  –
DO UPLOAD files with names such as "CreightonPrepBASH-1.jpg" and then identify this file in the corresponding captions documentation.

Regardless of how you choose to send us your photos, we recommend doing so BEFORE you hit the SUBMIT button below.