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Additional Testimonials from more of our satisfied customers

My expectations have been exceeded! I anticipated results but have been more than pleasantly surprised at the number of people that called about seeing me in your magazine. Even people I hadn’t talked to in years called to make inquiries. The exposure I received from advertising in metroMAGAZINE was well worth the money!

- Aaron Horn


Thank you so much for everything metroMagazine has done for our organization this year. We really appreciate your support.  We loved being able to send people to purchase the pictures on www.metmago.com from our 50th Anniversary Celebration.  We were also thrilled to see the way our event was presented in the magazine. Your photographer at the event was terrific, professional and engaging; she really worked hard to get lots of great photos. Once again, we thank you for your many years of supporting the philanthropic community and our organization.

-  Jim Frederick, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands


metroMAGAZINE has been and continues to be one of our very best advertising tools.  The professionalism, kindness and knowledge of the staff at metroMAGAZINE make it easy to know that our advertising is in great hands.  The layout and the print quality of the magazine reflect and represent us in the best possible light.  Customers comment often that they have learned of our stores through our exposure with Metro.  I would recommend using metroMAGAZINE as part of your advertising campaign; you will see the results immediately.

-Kim Vasey with beYourself


As a business owner with limited time and resources, I have found that our investment in metroMAGAZINE is money well spent. The staff makes the process easy, and most importantly, quick. metroMAGAZINE is a great barometer of what's going on in the Omaha community.  It is THE publication to see and be seen in; I’m glad we’re seen every month in metroMAGAZINE!

-Paul Fraynd with Omaha Friendly Services


I’ve been asked why I’m committed to advertising with metroMAGAZINE and the answers are simple... high visibility in a quality product. Starting with the tremendous client service all the way thru metro’s wide distribution, my message gets across to the potential customer demographic that I need to reach. I love how many people call me to tell me that they saw me in the metroMAGAZINE.

-Bob Neussendorfer, cbshome real estate

There are so many media choices out there for the reader and advertiser. What you get with metroMAGAZINE is a staff that is second to none in professionalism, a superb final product, reaching an audience that is making a difference in our community. Who wouldn’t want to associate their corporate brand with this successful publication? Metro, you have set the bar, and my only regret is that I should have started advertising sooner! Although I have gotten results from advertising here, one needs to remember that it is much more than that! Great job metroMAGAZINE!

-Brian Gross, Summit Wealth Partners


We like the edge and overall appeal metroMAGAZINE offers. We have found no other magazine that has this level of professionalism and appealing visual clarity. Our business has to attract a sophisticated audience because we deliver an upscale custom product that has to stand above the others. We believe our integrity and quality of product appeals to clients. We also believe that because of the integrity and quality of metroMAGAZINE, our emphasis is on the same goals. We know that the partnership we have established with metroMAGAZINE is a custom fit, just like our clients and their new homes.

-Curt Hofer, Curt Hofer Construction


I can’t say enough good things about my relationship with metroMAGAZINE. The high visibility and professional appearance of your publication has impressed both myself and my customers. I’ve been so pleased with the service we continue to receive from your polite and professional staff that I continually recommend metroMAGAZINE to my business acquaintances as an extremely useful advertising tool.

-Deniz, Deniz Shoe, Clothing & Accessory Salon


After many years of wasting money advertising in the local paper and other secondary publications, I have finally found a magazine that reaches the target market for our homes.  I have had more responses from my ads in this magazine than all other ads combined.  I highly recommend metroMAGAZINE.  Your staff is top notch.

-Dennis Sharp, Apollo Homes


I’m extremely pleased with the results I’ve achieved through advertising in metroMAGAZINE. I received both immediate and ongoing responses as a result of my relationship with your publication. The spotlight feature you prepared about me presented my message very effectively. Your publication reaches so many female readers who rely on you to keep them informed. I want them to know this is out there for them, and metroMAGAZINE is a tremendous asset in making this possible.

-Ellie Fields, LPC


I am really pleased about my long standing relationship with metroMAGAZINE. I am still benefiting from the visibility I get from advertising and consider your publication one of my most important marketing tools. I’m also very pleased with the service I receive from our account rep and wholeheartedly recommend metroMAGAZINE as a great advertising vehicle.

-Jay Moore, Jay Moore Landscaping


My advertising experience with metroMAGAZINE has been delightful from the very beginning. My sales associate was open-minded yet helpful. The graphic artist read my mind, and I have had an amazing response that has been directly reflected in new income. As a small business that depended mostly on word of mouth,  I had doubts about the feasibility of advertising, but metroMAGAZINE is tuned in with my potential clients. That makes it all worthwhile.

-Jillian Post


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