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Nebraska Humane Society's Useful Tips To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

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It happens every time you leave him alone.

He tips over the trash, shreds it and drags it all over the house. You scold him soundly and point to his mistake. But alas, when you return home the following day MORE TRASH! He looks guilty, even downright sorry. Surely he knows he is doing wrong -- right? Wrong!

Many people are aware of the adoption resources NHS provides but fewer are aware that NHS offers a huge array of behavioral remedies and services. At the Nebraska Humane Society they are experts at solving your pet problems. Whether it’s the behavior blues like chewing or scratching or important information on nail trims and nutrition, their advice is straight from the horse’s mouth!

"Why has my cat suddenly stopped using the litter box?
How do I keep my dog from digging?
I don’t want to confine my dog all day,
but when I leave him out he chews EVERYTHING!"

Even the most patient pet owner can end up at wits end by a behavior problem like marking territory, or aggression. We suggest calling the NHS behavior helpline (444-7800 ext 221) for advice from experts on specific problems you just can’t live with or email bhelp@nehumanesociety.org. You can also check out the NHS archives of articles for advice and ideas on beating the behavior blues.

For Dogs and Puppies.

For Cats and Kittens.

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