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April 2011 YP Connections: Q&A






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Each month metroMAGAZINE, in cooperation with The Greater Omaha Young Professionals, polls a group of "YPs" to obtain a brief glimpse into their lives and their insights on our community. Following are the answers which were provided to this months' Q&A.

How do you serve?
What inspires you to do so?


Julia Hebenstreit

Vice President for Advancement • NOTRE DAME SISTERS

AT THIS STAGE IN MY LIFE I FIND MYSELF “SERVING” IN A NUMBER OF WAYS. Some overlapping others, and some more important depending on the day, but all contributing to who I am as a young professional. I serve as a mother, friend, employee, family member and community volunteer. Each of these requires me to serve in different capacities, but all share an underlying theme of giving back. I’ve been very blessed in my life, and if I can give back to those in need, or individuals and the community who have contributed to making me who I am today, I want to do so. Giving back–that is what inspires me to serve.

In my employment I am surrounded by women who have given their lives to serving others. I share their belief that as individuals we can impact a number of lives, but as a community serving together, our impact increases significantly. I’m inspired daily by their steadfast belief in giving back, meeting unmet needs in the community and improving as an individual so that I am better equipped to serve others. Whether you believe in “X” or “Y,” we as a community, ALL believe that there is much progress to be made. Every small effort coupled with another has the potential to make a huge impact in the Omaha community. It is simply up to us-as young professionals, as community members-to give back, to serve, to contribute in whatever way we can to the community we call home.




Derek J. Bailey

Retirement Plan Consultant • MARCOTTE INSURANCE

I SPEND MY TIME AS A RETIREMENT PLAN CONSULTANT FOR CORPORATE AND NON-PROFIT RETIREMENT PLANS. My goals and ambitions focus on changing the retirement plan market place and bringing full transparency to a culture that has never seen it before. I often find though a bulk of my time is spent helping employees understand the basics of investing into their company retirement plan.

We all work in hopes that one day we will have the ability to retire from the workforce. We hope and pray that it will magically happen without taking the time to see if we are on the right track. Most of us do not realize how much we should save, where we should save, nor do we take the time to actually learn many of the common mistakes people make. This is why I feel I can have the greatest impact by working at the corporate level and ensuring the fees that people pay are appropriate and that the investments are well allocated across different risk classes. This at a minimum sets up the opportunity for employees to succeed. We have begun working with other professionals to offer free sessions that will help individuals and couples understand important financial matters without the fear of being sold a product. By doing this, we can help create a society that is better prepared to meet their financial needs.



Patrick Falke

Building and Finance Manager • PROJECT HARMONY

I AM TREMENDOUSLY PRIVILEGED TO WORK FOR PROJECT HARMONY CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER. Our mission is to respond to the abuse of children, one child at a time. We serve children in the Omaha metro and throughout southwest Iowa, providing medical exams, interviews, family support and case coordination. My role is to oversee building management for the three agencies in the building and manage finances for Project Harmony. However, like the rest of the staff, I take pride in helping the organization in whatever way possible.

My inspiration for serving the community comes from values instilled by my family at a young age. My relationship with Project Harmony started three years ago when my sister-in-law involved me as a volunteer with the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser. After a few years in the investment industry, I realized I could be a greater asset to the community by serving others. My position at Project Harmony allows me to prove that on a daily basis. I am also inspired by our staff who I feel are second to none. Everyone is amazing within their individual roles and extremely committed to protecting the children of our community.




Theresa M. Maier

Logistics Representative • UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD

IN MY LIFE, I HAVE HAD THE UNIQUE PLEASURE TO LIVE AND STUDY IN SEVEN COUNTRIES, EIGHT COUNTING THE USA.The differences in our societies are obvious, but the disparity I tend to pay more attention to. Aside from traveling, my life is average. I come from a great family, have a good education, was raised in a safe home and taught to love and care for others. I have never been OK with the privilege I was handed compared to my peers in under-developed nations, but there is little I can do to change that. Instead, I have opted to spread the joy of knowing other parts of the world and helping where I can. Omaha has a great Hispanic community where th e opportunity to get involved is almost endless. I like to volunteer with Catholic Charities and the Juan Diego Center. I go to church at St. Agnes & Our Lady of Guadalupe, pretend to be a good Salsa dancer, and I tutor Spanish with high school kids in West Omaha-hoping to share the love and joy I feel for Latino culture...and hoping I can inspire others to be as passionate about diversity as I am.


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