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metroWEDDING • Anniversaries


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A MARRIAGE IS MORE THAN JUST ONE DAY, it’s a lifetime of sharing experiences with someone. Your anniversary is not just another milestone for your relationship, it is also proof of the wonderful rewards that come with dedication, love, selflessness (and perseverance.) It can be a time to step out of the hustle and bustle of every day life and step into the connection that brought you together. To celebrate each year is to acknowledge the power and the love behind your union and the obstacles you have overcome to be where you are. This is no small feat… give your marriage proper credit by celebrating your anniversaries.


To start this celebration in the steadfastness of your love, be sure to practice the virtues you went into the marriage believing in. Being considerate, not only regarding the moment itself, but all the things that conspire to help your partner miss the moment, can change your entire approach to not only the gifts considered, but the gift of the day itself. (Most importantly, remember the most important gift: one another.)

Instead of setting it up as a “test” of memory or thoughtfulness, choose to be thoughtful together, help one another remember, make it a shared project. Approach your anniversary like you approached your wedding day. An offense, like a price tag is something easily removed and thrown away. Setting a cooperative, considerate tone for your approach to the giver will guarantee more lasting value in the gift.

One route that’s both romantic and flexible is to follow traditional gift-giving concepts that are thought to have originated in medieval times. Outlined below are these traditional gifts and some modern ideas on how to use them.

1ST ANNIVERSARY As simple as paper is, it can make quite a statement! There are many resources available online that show you how you can recycle old newspaper by making your own paper at home. After you’ve created this paper, spend some time practicing your calligraphy and write a love letter that you can leave on your spouses car window, pillow, or desk. It’s a sure way to start such a special day.


2ND ANNIVERSARY Cotton sheets provide an amazing feeling when you fall into bed, and can be fairly inexpensive and environmentally friendly! You can find organic cotton sheets at most department stores that will look amazing on the bed and feel just as great too. How do you work this into a romantic gift? After the bedroom is cleaned, put the sheets on the bed and scatter the bed with your spouses favorite snack and a movie to watch in bed together.


3RD ANNIVERSARY With leather, there is always the option of going the more typical route with leather shoes, wallets, bags, and belts, but how wonderful would it be to try something new and unique? Schedule a leathercrafting class to take together, not only do you walk out with a one-of-a-kind item, you also can enjoy quality time together! Double bonus!


4TH ANNIVERSARY Silk, the fabric of royalty; a silk robe can be a special treat for the skin and can be part of a romantic stay-at-home gift that includes a massage (there are many books that teach about couples massage), champagne and fruit tray, relaxing music, and candles. Your spouse will be sure to feel like a king or queen!


5TH ANNIVERSARY Wood can be a more challenging anniversary gift to find, yet for a take-home item there are always the options of wooden picture frames, hand-carved items, and beautifully decorated antique wooden trunks. You can always give the gift of Nature. For your outdoorsy spouse, a camping trip in the woods or a walk through the park could be just what cupid ordered. You can carve your initials into a tree– a terrific way to revisit, rekindle and remember your initial infatuation.


6TH ANNIVERSARY What viking decided to pair these two up?! How can you get inventive with candy or iron? Perhaps a wrought iron fireplace set to fan the flames may spark a twinkle in your spouse’s eye. This time camp indoors. Eat s’mores in the comfort of your own home. No fireplace? No worries. Cast iron skillets for the cook in your family are a great idea. (Just make sure that you use it first by creating a delicious dinner for two.)


7TH ANNIVERSARY A penny for your thoughts, or how about a penny for your love? A wonderful and unique gift for the love of your life is a personalized necklace created from a penny that was minted the year you were married. For something simple, just drill a hole in the penny and hang it from a thin silver chain. Want something more flashy? Have it embedded into a disk of silver with your own personal message engraved on the back. For those that don’t wear jewelry, you can use this same idea to make paper weights, coasters, keychains or just a goodluck token that can serve as a daily reminder of your love and devotion.


8TH ANNIVERSARY When we think of bronze, what mostly comes to mind? Sculptures and household items. These can make fantastic gifts and you can find various forms from indoor fountains to bronze-framed mirrors. But, it’s always nice to think outside of the box, what about a bronze belt buckle, recycled bronze jewelry (for the environmentalist in the relationship), or a bronze-casted key to your heart? And, don’t forget that bronze is a color too!


9TH ANNIVERSARY With an endless amount of pottery available, it shouldn’t be hard to find what the heart desires, however, why buy the pottery when you can buy the pottery wheel? Since the movie, “Ghost”, creating your own sculptures in the comfort of your own home has never been so romantic. Not only can this turn into a life-long hobby your spouse will love, your can personalize the decor of your home and make it as unique and meaningful as your relationship. Your spouse isn’t the creative type you say? A miniature willow tree is a nice replacement for the typical flower arrangement, and it lasts longer too.


10TH ANNIVERSARY There was Aluminum in Medeival times? Who knew! Well, whenever and however it was added, it probably reminds most of us of wrapping leftovers; however, it’s amazing the number of gift ideas that come to mind if you just dig a little deeper. Pack a picnic for two in an old-fashion aluminum lunchbox, and surprise your sweetie by going green with matching recycled water bottles. Not only are you preserving the planet, which is always a great gift, you are ensuring that your love will last too! (By, er, wrapping it up and sealing it in, get it?)


15TH ANNIVERSARY By your 15th year of being married, you have your quirks and little sayings that only you and your spouse are in tune to. Why not take the typical gift of two, matching crystal wine glasses and personalize them with your very own sayings? Buy a set, and etch 15 years of great memories into each glass. Now every time your spouse enjoys a glass of wine, they’ll be reminded of a special time shared by the two of you. On the greener side of things, bring back the rainbows and butterflies by purchasing a crystal prism to hang from the window. Every time the sun hits the prism, your spouse will be surrounded by a cascade of rainbows that will surely bring a smile, not to mention a warm glow that’s worthy of your romance.


20TH ANNIVERSARY To pass on an heirloom from your family is always something very special and meaningful, and perhaps this anniversary is where you make your grandmother’s china the centerpiece for the night. Sharing personal memories and stories always brings two people closer together, so create a meal to share on these special dishes, and don’t just share stories, share a plate, share a glass, and share a kiss. (If you are looking to go extravagant, then pack your bags– it’s time for an adventure in Shanghai!)


THE BEST GIFTS ARE OF MADE OF TIME, LOVE, RESPECT, AND DEVOTION. Anniversaries represent milestones in your personal lives, and each milestone shared strengthens your bond with one another. Anniversaries are about embracing memories, and making new ones worth embracing in the future. Anniversaries are about creating and honoring precious moments together; about embracing them and each other. Your approach to every anniversary will either enhance your capacity to savor those embraces or diminish it. Every quality moment you choose to create and embrace together ensures many more anniversaries to come.

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