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WHO says you need a beach to have fun in the sand? Not when 18 teams transform the QWEST CENTER OMAHA into a seaside wonderland during the annual Sand in the City fundraiser for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society. But don’t be fooled. Sand in the City isn’t just a bunch of grown-up kids playing in giant sandboxes all day.

“The last three hours was a frantic pace,” recalled Lund Company team member JASON FISHER. “There were moments of sheer panic of whether or not we were going to finish. But somehow it all came together.”

Teams worked vigorously throughout the day to create their best sand sculptures to impress the judges and crowds. But only one team could take home the coveted People’s Choice Award.

Despite being a first-year rookie, the Lund Company won the hearts and votes of onlookers with their “Summer Vacation” display of frolicking polar bears.

Fisher and his team were honored to win the award, but they didn’t lose sight of the purpose behind the competition.

“It’s a wonderful event,” Fisher added. “We’re proud of what we did, but we wanted to do as much as we could to raise as much money as we could for Nebraska Children’s Home.”

NCHS has also helped Fisher take on another, more prominent title: father.

He and his wife adopted both of their children through the organization, and he was proud to find the perfect opportunity to give back.

“When I took over as president of Lund a little over a year ago,” Fisher continued, “one of the things I wanted to do– and we wanted to do as an organization– was to start being a little more focused on giving back to the community and involving our employees in those endeavors.”

Leading up to the competition, the Lund Company team rallied their efforts to raise money, support and awareness for NCHS. From having their employees pay for “jeans day” at work to asking for donations from major partners, the Lund team kept the foundational reason for the competition as their main focus

.This isn’t the end of the sand-paved road for the Lund Company. The team is already making plans for next year’s competition with sights set on a repeat of the People’s Choice Award.


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