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YP in the News: Eliana Smith

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Eliana Smith


SINCE IT’S INCEPTION IN 2008, Omaha Fashion Week has been paving the way for up-and-coming local designers. It’s most commonly thought of as a bicoastal and beyond profession… New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, but designers from the 402 are making their own mark on the fashion industry, including Eliana Smith.

With Argentinean roots and a Utah upbringing, Smith has seen a world of culture. Growing up with a mother who was employed by a couture house, Smith was never far from the fashion industry. While working on a degree in vocal performance at the University of Utah, Smith came to realize that she loved design just as much as singing. In her junior year, she applied to the Salt Lake City Fashion Institute and graduated in 2010. Smith has been in Omaha for a little over a year and describes the city as “a dream location for entrepreneurs.

The resources are rich and consumers are open to new ideas. People here are willing to support local talent.”

Now Smith has a coveted slot in the finale on the final day of Omaha Fashion Week 2011.

“I’m really excited for our next collection in the ElianaSDesign brand,” she said of the opportunity to show her eclectic fall 2012 line. “The ‘ElianaSDesign girl’ is traveling to ‘50s glam India and our colors and customized prints will reflect this new adventure.”

Now in it’s fourth year, Omaha Fashion Week has grown to draw as many as 6,000 attendees. This year’s show features 44 designers form all across the region.

Omaha Fashion Week 2011, where local designers aim to make a global impact, runs August 21st through the 27th at Nomad Lounge.

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