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August 2012 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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August is astrologically hot and so is the weather.  We are urged to be agents of change in a more profound way which will continue through 2015 to the point you may not recognize you or the life you are living anymore.  Mercury (thinking) will go Direct on the 8th, but wait at least a week for miscommunications and computer breakdowns to cease.  There are 5 planets retrograde at the start of the month and this just means that it is time to re-think how we want our physical/emotional/mental and spiritual lives to be. We have two Full Moons one on the 2nd in Aquarius and the other on the 31st in Pisces.  Scrunched in-between is the New Moon in Leo!  During the lasts Full Moon on the 31st there is a powerful connection to healing old wounds.  Sometimes this means there will be emotional breakdowns that bring healing.  It is always best to handle these situations with a clear head, but the inclination is sometimes to dull the pain with drugs and alcohol.  This is especially true due to this Full Moon being in Pisces (confusion/addiction).  The moon is a big energy in our lives this month calling for us to open our hearts and let them lead.  This is a month that you must move your thinking into the heart….step into your power, think positively, help one another and focus on what is here in front of you to deal with, right now.  Mid month a fast and aggressive energy connects with a strong wall of resistance-BAM!  This will be frustrating.  Don’t take any risks at this time, it will fall through.  However, you can concentrate on the daily rituals and stay grounded. People can be annoying and you may not be able to do anything about it, just let it slide for now.  This energy is very good for concentrating all your focus on a project, just ignore the people. Also mid-month lovely Venus opposes Pluto which will intensify all love relationships to the max.  If you can harness this energy in a positive way it will bring about constructive changes in your relationships.  If not, be careful of romantic indiscretions and volatile/passionate exchanges. 



The Moon will help you understand your inner nature more this month.  It’s important that you take time to reflect and make positive change.  Your relationships may be stormy mid month; you will need to use your best mediation skills with a partner.  You are urged to seek more from yourself and your life achievements.  What are you contributing?  Is it enough?  Your everyday living situation is calling you to open up more and there is possibly a benefit for you in a daily contact.  Your relationships with brothers and sisters are very good now, call them up and get together.


A Full Moon (8/2) in a house of achievement brings acclaim your way.  Another Full Moon (8/31) offers healing energies for old friendships.  At the New Moon on the 17th you may be starting over in a new home or making the home you have more of what you want.  8/15, a burst of energy in your health house could cause you enough stress to do some harm to your body, especially bones, teeth and skin.  Stay out of the Sun during this time.  There is a lot of activity in the home all month.


If you can let go of past trauma concerning your importance in this life, you will have a great opportunity to heal by month’s end.  The first Full Moon (8/2) calls for expanded awareness in the way you think.  The 2nd Full Moon (8/31) brings healing in the career sector.  The New Moon (8/17) is the time to plant the seeds of change you would like to see in your physical reality.  If you have children caution against confrontations mid-month, it won’t go well.  Best advice is to accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally.  You have latent talents that may come out this month, be as creative as you can be.


The beginning of the month finds you in some pretty deep changes.  It will go well if you can let go of limiting beliefs and dysfunctional relationships.  Your career vs. home continues to be a struggle.  How can you balance these two better?  There is a possibility that mid-month your will have disruption in your home with a family member or it could be that your physical house need some foundational repair.  Better check that out at the start of the month.  As Venus moves through your 1st house all month, people will want to be around you and will see your inner beauty more easily.


You are a little pre-occupied with yourself these days.  Can you see the forest for the trees yet?  Your relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself, are you happy with that?  Mid-month could bring arguments with siblings/neighbors or people you don’t even know.  Your health needs you to pay more attention.  This is a good month to get a thorough physical and eat and exercise better.  You may be able to re-invent yourself now; who do you want to be?


There is so much potential for you to be having a wonderful month; however you do have to step out the door and make it happen.  The Full Moon on the 2nd lands in an area of things you take care of.  That could mean that you are asked to do more than your fair share.  Mid month is laden with difficulties with possessions and possibly money-follow your budget!  You will have an opportunity to heal your important relationships at the end of the month, but you will have to do that in a more conscious and spiritual way.


The squeeze between home and committed relationships is a bit bumpy and will be till 2015.  The Full Moon (8/2) will highlight you having more fun.  Whatever you do now needs to make your heart sing.  The world will seem more shining and bright.  Mid-month brings a clash between Mars & Saturn so just use a little caution, back away from arguments, make sure you have your check up and just breathe for it will pass.  At the same time the New Moon will be in your house of friends signaling that you may need a few new friends who are more fun.  Career gets a nice boost all month and you should be financially better off.


Emotions may be running a little high on the home front at the start of August.  There seems to be some behind the scenes activity and I would caution you about being completely honest.  If you have anything to hide it will cause you problems that you may have trouble fixing.  You are needing to re-think how you enjoy and romance your life, is it being fair to others?  A rebirth in the career sector is possible towards months end, set your intent to help it manifest.  A possible inheritance is coming your way, or perhaps you need to apply for a grant.  You will probably receive it.


At the beginning of the month, you may find yourself in some kind of drama with the people in your daily life.  That could be friends at mid-month when a difficult combination happens in the 11th house.  You are due for some recognition in your career, but you will have to visualize it and plant a few seeds to have it manifest.  Committed relationships should be very happy and smooth all month.  An opportunity to heal old family memories and create more of a healing experience in your present home is possible now.


The highlight is on your talents and money this month.  Much of it will be smooth flowing but coming from unexpected sources.  A little glitch in your career mid-month, just breathe through it, it will pass.  I think it is a test for you to see that there is more that you can do.  The workplace is abundant and smooth flowing all month thanks to Jupiter and Venus.  This will also favorably affect your health and other things that you take care of-even your pets!  There may be someone from your past that waltzes back into your life bringing healing and positive affirmations!


Are you taking better care of yourself yet?  The first Full Moon of the month on 8/2, lands in a place that will open your eyes to what you need to be doing for your body.  I hope you get to take a vacation because Venus and Jupiter will bless it with abundance and love all month long.  There is an opportunity to heal or re-energize an existing relationship or it will possibly need to go away.  The month ends with you experiencing a deep healing in the area of what you own or how you use your talents.on is a must!


It’s been very good and sometimes not so good now that your ruling planet, Neptune is back in Pisces.  This has been giving you some pretty big bursts of creativity interspersed with a little depression at times.  You are healing your relationship to yourself, be aware of that and it will go much smoother.  Mars is creating a major transformation in your life and you are called to cull out the old, outworn you and let in the vibrant, amazing you!  Sometimes that is not easy and mid-month you will experience a bump in the road regarding that.  Polish up your meditation skills and all will fall into place beautifully.  Any concerns over children will smooth out as Venus tours thru that area.  


Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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