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December 2009 metroSPIRIT: A Holiday Gift To Consider For Yourself

Healthful And Joyful Celebrations

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Traditional Holidays Are Not Happy For Everyone

Holidays can be stressful for many. Personally, I got tired of the stress many years ago and started my own unique celebrations.  I started sharing my style with others one year after an experience during a spin class.  My class was talking about the upcoming holiday and the gym’s hours for that day.  One participant said “I think that the gym (and everything) should be closed for all of the major holidays so that everyone can have dinner and go to church with their family.”

My first thought was that the most important thing to do on a holiday is to work out.  Thank heavens the gym is open.

My second thought was how about how few people I hear talking about the holidays in a joyful celebratory manner.  The holidays can be very stressful.  The holidays are often lonely and sad for those who have lost loved ones or experienced major life changes.   I’m really glad that there are movie theaters and gyms and other places open for those who have nowhere to go or who simply need something to distract them from losses they have experienced. 

Celebrate The Holidays In A Way That They Become A Healthful Expression Of Joyful Satisfaction Of Your Life And What Is Important To You

Many years ago, I decided to celebrate the holidays differently. December is my busy season at work and I began to hate the juggle. By New Years Day, I was too tired and exhausted to make resolutions much less pursue them.  I remade my holiday season.  I change it a bit each year but my goal is to arrive at the New Year with a jumpstart on my goals for the New Year.  I aspire to wake up on New Year’s Day at a healthy weight, a high energy level, peace of mind, an absence of credit card charges and clear goals for the New Year.  I am including some of my strategies.

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