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December 2009 metroSPIRIT: A Holiday Gift To Consider For Yourself

Healthful And Joyful Celebrations

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Make A Healthy Meal

My sister’s husband comes from a family that has genetic heart disease.  Her husband, Mike, is extremely careful about what he eats.  While my family is a group of typically healthy eaters, Mike’s presence raised our awareness even further.  Finding ways to cook amazing food that is healthy became a mission.  It is totally possible to have a fabulous meal that is healthy.  When you do so, your body and mind will say “thank you!”  Try it.  A healthy and reasonable meal is a fabulous gift to yourself and to your guests.   Check out the fabulous holiday spreads suggested in magazines (also online) such as Eating Well, Cooking Light, Clean Eating, Healthy Eating, and Vegetarian times.

Consider Focusing Celebrations On Something Other Than Mealtime 

I have never understood why a meal seems to be the center of every celebration. Consider board games, a family workout, a movie, a discussion about charitable activities for the next year, or a list of dreams for whoever you are celebrating with. 

Update A Personal Journal

When my dad was alive, he had this amazing memory for little details such as the cars that each of us owned at a given point in time.  After my dad died, we found a simple journal in his desk. That journal contained a summary of all the events surrounding friends and family for each year.  It included the cars we drove, the vacations we took, moves, degrees, relationships.  Each year was a simple one or two page summary of what each of us was doing that year.   Having that journal since my dad’s death has helped us all to celebrate our journeys.  I now keep a similar simple journal about my family and my friends.

Celebrate Something Every Day  Through The Season

Starting my celebration journal and creating my own holidays helped me to focus on all that I have in my life on a daily basis.  No matter what we have in our lives, it is easy to get lost in the stress or our sadness.  Focusing instead on what we can celebrate, and choosing to be in charge of when and how, can lift our spirits and keep us happy and healthy through the holiday season.

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