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The Soul's Expressions

THE SOUL'S JOURNEY with Dixie Clark, December 2009

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"Your Soul is never diminished. It is never broken. It is never handicapped or sick. It does not die. The Soul thrives entirely, and it thrives on everything in life."

–You Are the Blessings, by John Morton



There are many ways that we can express ourselves. And the manner we choose may vary, depending on the situation or the people were with. Often times our ego/ personality decides what and how this expression occurs. It decides just how much people get to know about us, how vulnerable to be, what is safe to share. We often attempt to control the situation or others perceptions of us through our expressions. Our ego believes that in order to be safe we need to justify and defend who we are. We can become like shape shifters or chameleons, trying to fit into the expectations and opinions of others. 

At some point, we begin to sense that there is more to life, that there is more to us.
That within us lies a greatness just waiting to come forward. And we are right. There is a radiant spark of the Divine within each of us called the Soul. That is our true nature.   

Our soul expresses itself frequently in our lives, although it can be very subtle. We often move in and out of this energy so quickly that we miss it.

The expressions of the soul come in the form of love, joy, laughter, enthusiasm, acceptance, authenticity, innocence, expansion, common every day moments, common every day expressions of the Divine. And we often let them slip by without realizing that in that moment, our greatness just came forward.

These expressions can be seen in the way we love our children, how we greet our friends, how we allow ourselves to openly deal with the pain of a loss and then find the courage to move forward. They can be seen in enthusiasm for a project or idea, creativity, whether that be through the arts, or simply a new way of doing something. It can be seen in laughter, in play, in just being silly. It is seen in the grace of forgiveness, sitting with a loved one who is sick or dying, in opening our heart and receiving fully from life.

These are the keys to the meaning of life. To be in the moment in loving and acceptance, and to know that everything is coming forward for our highest good.

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