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The Soul's Expressions

THE SOUL'S JOURNEY with Dixie Clark, December 2009

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We live with our personality as our center for a long time. This creates illusions that separate us from ourselves and others. Through our fears and judgments, we can constrict this soul energy.  The Soul will just stand back allowing us to suffer and struggle and think were alone in all of this if thats what we choose. It is there in total loving, learning what it needs to, knowing its safe. 
At some point the awakening to our true nature begins, sometimes it comes in the form of restlessness, frustration, loneliness. Its as if the part of us that knows is saying, Wake up. Remember.

Our greatness lies in opening to this Soul awareness and allowing that expression to be our center. 

Think about your life today. What are the ways you block your souls expression?  How do you constrict that energy? What are the patterns and negativity that keep you small? What are you ready to let go of in order to allow your soul to come forward more fully? In what ways is your Soul asking you to express yourself? At the deepest level, who do you want to be in the world?We can begin to claim our own Divinity by simply becoming aware of those soul moments in our lives and connecting consciously to this energy.

Each of you may have your own method of connecting to this greater part of you. This is one process that I find helpful for me.

  •     Call in the Light, or say a prayer of attunement.
  •     Find a quiet place and be conscious of your breathing.
  •     Focus your attention inside your head, about 2 inches behind the bridge of your nose (this is where the soul energy gathers).
  •     Just sit quietly and open up to a loving feeling.
  •     Ask to become aware of your souls presence.
  •     Dont force it or have expectations, just allow it to come forward.  Be patient. 
  •     Spend time connecting with that energy.  Allow it to expand. Open up to that unconditional loving.

You can take this a step further once you have fully opened up to this level:
Think of a situation in your life youve been holding on to. Look at it through the eyes of your Soul. What was the learning for you in this? Go through this situation from this higher perspective and allow the souls expression to come forward in a new way.

Living a soul centered life and opening up to our souls expression is not a one time process and were done. Its an ongoing path of discipline and devotion to releasing negativity and opening to loving. It is our birthright when were ready to claim it.

"Through my stillness, the door opened.
Through my allowing, my Soul became present.
Through my loving, we became One."

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