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Open Invitation

The Reverend

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For the frigid weekend, the affable padre stood outside, bundled from head to foot, meeting and greeting volunteers - an easy conviviality and respect between the priest and his flock. Typically, he downplays his part, instead praising the large team that makes this compassionate response a reality.

“Being the pastor here is just kind of like orchestrating,” he said. “It’s recognizing people’s goodness and gifts and inviting them to offer themselves.

If people are offered an invitation, they’re going to go with it. The things that happen here are because there are lots of really good people. They’re willing to get involved and to give of themselves."

“There are lots of things I love about being a priest but one of the most exciting is when people become aware of God’s presence in their life, and no two stories are ever the same. Every person has their own journey and own ways that are revealed to them.”

He said he’s come to view his ministry as inviting people to give, whether it is their time, talent or treasure, in order to be of service to others.

He said he’s often teased that he has a way about him that makes it impossible for anyone to say no.

“Well, there are people who have said no to me, but I’ve just kind of learned that shouldn’t stop you,” he said. “You go to the next place, you find the next person. I believe in the goodness of people. I also have high expectations of what people can do, and sometimes they really need that invitation to show that.”

Dec 30, 2010 03:09 pm
 Posted by  iamcart

Great article Leo -- Father Fangman is truly and amazing man ... he's more than a priest to all of us parishioners, he's a great friend. Keep up the good work Father Tom!!!

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