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Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc.

February 2010 YP Connections: Non-Profit Profile

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 Our goal is not just to get families in homes, but to help them successfully remain in the home while becoming financially secure.  



Family Housing Advisory Services, Inc. (FHAS) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) established in 1968, providing services ranging from homeless and renter assistance to homeowner education, fair housing, and foreclosure prevention. FHAS has been a HUD-certified comprehensive counseling agency since 1970.

 FHAS is dedicated to and compassionate about finding and implementing solutions to assist residents with community housing issues. FHAS' Mission is to improve the quality of life by helping people achieve financial and housing stability through education and advocacy. The Purpose is to advance the prosperity of the community, improving lives and strengthening families one household at a time.  The Vision is to be the area's premier comprehensive housing counseling agency, providing services with integrity and care:

  •  Preventing homelessness   
  •  Increasing home ownership
  •  Providing foreclosure prevention options   
  •  Developing financially-wise consumers
  •  Offering affordable mortgage lending products
  •  Eliminating housing discrimination

Those living in poverty and in economically depressed areas often lack the resources, knowledge of resources, and access to wealth-building tools that would enable them to obtain, repair and maintain their homes. FHAS' solution is to educate people about the resources that address their housing needs and to provide tools and assistance to access those resources. Through its highly effective education, counseling, and advocacy, FHAS helps clients make informed decisions about their housing options and overcome barriers to obtaining affordable housing.

contact: Michael Robinson, michael@fhasinc.org    

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