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Joel Russell

February 2010 YP Connections: Young Professional of the Month

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Joel Russell, 35

Vice President & Chief Operations Officer

Millard Lumber, Inc.


Among other things I am involved with in the community, I am currently serving as Vice-Chair of the Child Saving Institute. CSI’s mission is “Responding to the Cry of a Child”. We aim to create hope in children and families and have many different programs (currently 16) to help them in various situations, including Emergency Shelters, Childcare Programs, and Therapy and Support Services. We also offer Adoption and Foster Care services and support. We serve clients from many diverse backgrounds, but a typical child in our Emergency Shelter Program, for example, may come from a troubled or unsafe home or is in a family facing a crisis of some type, such as abuse or neglect.

"I truly believe that children are the future of our city, and I hope that my involvement in CSI creates a better future."

- Joel Russell

I initially got involved in CSI because I had some close friends and family members who had been involved with CSI in the past, and I have a passion for helping children achieve brighter futures. My company is also very committed to the Omaha community and values our employees’ involvement in the community. We currently have individuals serving on many community, school, religious, and civic boards.

I receive far too many benefits to list through my involvement in CSI but first and foremost, I have the pleasure of learning about and hearing stories about the positive impacts we are having on the lives of children who may not have to many positives going for them. Also, I have the pleasure of working with a terrific staff of dedicated employees and volunteers that bring their passion for children with them every day. I truly believe that children are the future of our city, and I hope that my involvement in CSI creates a better future, not only for these kids and their families, but for Omaha as well.

Aside from my involvement in CSI, I also serve on the Board of the Nebraska Humanities Foundation, was a Division Chair for this year’s United Way Campaign, and am currently on the Executive Committee for the American Heart Association’s Heart Ball for 2010.

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