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FEBRUARY 2010: Vibrations

February 2010: Horoscopes

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The world is changing and there will be resistance to that. Many forks in the road coming up for people, institutions, families, governments, cities, countries, the world. How will we handle so much change? This month with all the Aquarian (adaptability through flexibility) energy present we are open to new data and trying to make it fit!



Now that Jupiter (expansion) has entered Pisces (spirituality) it's time to quit talking about re-connecting with Spirit and get a practice going. With Mercury (thoughts/communication) moving forward again we will be able to put some of those ideas in motion and buy more electronics to help do that. Still in Mars retrograde which can make moving forward feel more like being stuck; but it is super energy to form and lay plans for the Spring! It's not too early to start planning for next summer when Uranus (unpredictability) moves into Aries (god of war). Without getting too survivalist, know where your water sources are and maybe stock up that pantry a little better.


It's a little top-heavy for you Arians out there. Much socializing and planning and deciding what you want to do next. To keep it all centered and in balance fine tune that exercise program and get off the carbs! Relationships will keep you busy this month and it might not all be fun, but it will be necessary to address those issues. Own what is yours, and let others deal with theirs.


February is always good for your career or major achievements in this life, and this month you have the help of Mercury (mind) and Venus (beauty & love). Even though Jupiter has moved out of your career zone it has moved into an area that will be very gratifying with friends. You might even make a few new ones. Home is vitally important for you through spring. What else can you do to make more of a haven?


You are such a quick thinker and are being given a great boost in that area as Mars stays in your 3rd house (mind) till spring. Good idea to present some of those amazing thoughts to higher ups as they will definitely be noticed! Re-think how you have been having fun or how you have related to children and add a little more stability to it. Career has potential for you now, so go for it!


Your talents are very strong right now and will remain so till Spring. The deep changes you have been witnessing and experiencing will start to lesson now that Jupiter has left your house of Change and moved into expanding your desire for travel and more information. Far away places are calling your name.


Calm down and breathe, with mighty Mars accenting your personality you may be a bit too much for some this month and into the Spring. Watch your health, it may be time to trim the fat and get serious about what you are eating.  Much happening on the relationship front and it looks like you may have a deeply moving/loving experience now. You are in a period of deep change and letting go of what doesn't serve you and that no longer exists.


Someone is shining a light into your hidden areas and you may feel uncomfortable with that. This month and Spring, and even all year, you may find the help you need through some of the newer Energy Medicine techniques like EFT (emotional freedom technique or tapping). Do your research. At times you are in denial about your relationships-take off the rose-colored glasses, it may be even better.


It's about the real you, who is that? For people pleasing Librans it may be time to let go of being everyones social director and focus on who you really are and what you really need. Much is being re-worked in your inner psyche and that may manifest in your home, how you have fun, your work and your health. Pretty soon it will be time to take your place on center stage-prepare well now.


Clear the decks so your major force can be clear and strong. Looks like you will be having a lot more fun starting this month and lasting most of the year. There is a lot of energy in your career sector too. The planets have lined up to give you a very strong month, don't waste it.


Letting go of what doesn't serve you anymore is a strong theme for Sags as the sub-conscious area of your chart has a lot of planets stirring up those deep waters. It's never too late to say goodbye to a bad idea, habit, person, place and especially that past!  If you can do that you will be able to see the future and it will look very good.


Your achievements are right out there for all to see. You did your groundwork and now reap the rewards! Your talents are getting a new jolt of energy and you may even start on some type of new effort to express who you are and how you see the world.


Your body and personality have been overhauled for over a year and it's like you are ready to be debuted as the talented being you are.  You are a take charge person in your relationships this month and that will last till Spring. Just be careful you dont say anything to hurt their feelings. You are a little forceful now because you are in a strong forward moving month. Remember to breathe.


You will be thinking a lot about how to manifest what you dream about this month. There may be some karmic debt to work off first, so just roll with those punches they wont last long, especially if you dont hang on so tightly thinking that you have to be right. Work is strong all month; you should enjoy it and feel physically fit at last! Watch the people around you, someone is going through some major changes.

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