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Giving Spirit

20 years of celebrating the spirit of Omaha

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Charitable professional Ellen Wright understands, as well as anyone, the harmonious connection between Omaha’s philanthropic community and its most avid media supporter over the last two decades. She co-sponsored a fund (and spirit) raising soiree for metroMAGAZINE on February 22, 2010 at the Omaha Community Playhouse. Wright said the event was a show of appreciation for Hoig and company.

“When you pick up the Metro you know you’re going to be reading about the nonprofits in the community and the community leadership,” she said. “It’s become the source, the number one place you go. It’s an opportunity for nonprofits to talk about what they do. It gives people a chance to read about agencies and their missions. It lets people see how rich the community is with volunteer and charitable opportunities to give your time and treasure to. It fills an important niche. It’s something we didn’t have before.”

As deeply grateful as Hoig is for that kind of affirmation, what she and her staff view as most important about it is the surrounding culture that compels them to be that “source.”

As Killmer emphasized, “If it wasn’t for the literally thousands of people who consistently make a difference in this community, day in and day out, we wouldn’t be inspired to be who we are trying to be. It’s their ongoing dedication that matters. The fire and its impact on us is secondary, the messages behind it are what have mattered most to us since that night.”

Those messages have been about an ongoing vision for honoring the integrity of a philanthropic community unlike any other.
“I’m not an Omaha native,” adds Killmer. “Over the last decade I’ve been granted a unique opportunity to observe how special and generous this community can be, in ways many Nebraskans may not appreciate. It matters a great deal to all of us here to be permitted to play a role in honoring that spirit. The events of this past year have ‘rekindled’ our desire to continue doing so.”




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