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Giving Spirit

20 years of celebrating the spirit of Omaha

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What many don’t know is that Metro was launched by her father, Midlands Business Journal publisher Bob Hoig. Originally a tabloid-format newspaper, it began as the Metro Update in 1990 and became the Metro Monthly. Andy got her start as a photographer, later learning layout and production skills.

By the mid-’90s the paper struggled enough that Bob Hoig was about to shut it down. That’s when he got his first glimmer of his daughter’s ambition and grit, both to his surprise and pride.

“Andy gave new life and direction” to the enterprise by refocusing on “charities and causes she believes in” and by tirelessly pursuing coverage of regional philanthropic and cultural activities.

Such grit and determination sustained Hoig through a decade of essentially being a “one-woman show,” responsible for every aspect of operations, from photography of events, to copywriting, layout, and delivering each issue to the printer. Prior to the turn of the century, much of this work was not done digitally as it is today, and Hoig often endured work processes which required her to work days in a row without sleep.




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