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Giving Spirit

20 years of celebrating the spirit of Omaha

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In 2001, Hoig was introduced to Rob Killmer, creative director for an ad agency in Fort Worth, Texas. Killmer immediately recognized the value of Hoig’s mission, and the vision and integrity of the publisher. He began offering advice on how to upgrade the presentation of the publication.

“I totally bought in to who I understood Andy to be, and the merit of what she was trying to accomplish, and expressed my beliefs that the quality of the presentation should match the quality of her intentions, and those of the agencies and individuals she was covering.”

As the two began collaborating more, Hoig received increasing praise from readers and agencies alike, noting and approving the efforts at enhancement. Eventually Hoig invited Killmer to join her full time and he eagerly accepted. The creative harmony between the two has helped vault the publishing house into a place where it is highly regarded, not only for its virtues, but for the standards of excellence it aspires to in order to fulfill them.

“Rob’s heart beats very close to mine with all of this. He ‘gets’ me and what I’m about, and why it matters. A lot of the heart and soul of our enterprise has his life blood poured into it. Now I’m the one out in front drawing attention to our vision and image, which is exactly where I belong. Rob has helped make that possible. We have a very special synergy and bond.”

The pairing has helped set Hoig free to channel more of her talents and vision into places she had always dreamed of applying them before, and she has embraced those opportunities with relish, adding key members to her staff along the way who share her vision, and whose talents and ambitions compliment her own.

“One of the things I’ve discovered about myself… is that I love creating and ‘visioneering’,” she said. “I’ve got great people that take that vision and make it a reality. Starting the creation process is what I absolutely love to do and I look forward to the day when that’s what I do all day long, and that day will come. I want to get Metro to a place where it is rock solid and sustainable, putting us in a position to make a more global impact.”

New series are in the works, such as Who Inspires You?, while series that have become staples in the METRO menu continue to reap praise: metroSPIRIT, YP Connections, metroSTYLE, metroWELLNESS, and the arts and culture section, Bravo!, are among the magazine’s ever-expanding array of departments.

Still, the heart of METRO’s impact remains The metroSCENE, the section of the magazine and web site dedicated to extensive coverage of the philanthropic and social calendar. Every month in the magazine, and every day on the web site, community doers and givers will find photos and features covering their activities.




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