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Giving Spirit

20 years of celebrating the spirit of Omaha

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As Hoig and her enterprise have matured, she has progressively branded it as not just a for-print publication, but a community resource. She has consistently been an innovator and undertaken initiatives that others have chosen to imitate or duplicate.

ALH introduced Omaha’s first modern dedicated fashion magazine, OmahaStyle™, breaking new ground with visually stunning covers and spreads mirroring publications with national or even international appeal. In 2005 ALH joined forces with locally based, internationally renowned photographers Laurie and Charles Kay, in an ongoing creative collaboration that still flourishes today. Over the past decade visitors to Omaha have commented about the surprising trendiness of Omaha’s culture, and METRO has consistently been among the names cited.

In 2009-2010 Hoig created FACES - Omaha’s Model Search, in partnership with 89 Talent Management. The goal was to discover Omaha’s newest generation of difference-makers, once again emphasizing “substance over style.” Of all the things Hoig has reason to take pride in, helping raise community awareness about nonprofits is easily that which she finds most gratifying.

“The majority of the past twenty years, covering Omaha’s nonprofits wasn’t viewed as particularly popular or profitable. Now everyone has gotten on board, and as a result, celebrating nonprofits has moved more to the forefront than ever before. I feel wonderful about having been a part of making that happen, but nowhere near finished!”

Through the years, Hoig has added one department after another to promote those making a difference and leading inspirational lives. The Journeys series has featured in-depth profiles of doers and givers who travel around the world, not merely vacationing, but making an impact on lives. Her Joy of Giving series profiles local individuals who reflect the same theme.

In 2005 ALH launched The Event Book and Giving Guide, a comprehensive annual directory of nonprofits/cultural calendar that won both accolades and awards. In 2007 The BIG Event, an Academy Awards styled awards recognition gala for area fundraisers, premiered. The intention behind this endeavor was to draw even more recognition and attention to area nonprofits and was immediately embraced by the philanthropic community.

“I think Andy’s really intuitive and I dare say a little bit cosmopolitan,” said Data Media Solutions CEO and president Jeff Wilke. “She gets the fact that if she’s not changing she’s probably going to be left behind, and she’s always looking for the next opportunity to make sure she’s evolving with her clients.”

Hoig continues to innovate. The company’s slogan of “Omaha at its Best!” evolved into “The Spirit of Omaha.” The Event Book and Giving Guide were incorporated into a richly developed and full-featured website, SpiritofOmaha.com. The site expands ALH’s capacity to support community interest and awareness, offering resources and referral tools to help “educate, inform and inspire” visitors in ways never before realized by the community.

“We should not underestimate Metro’s potential as a connector– making a difference in the lives of nonprofits, donors and beneficiaries of the generous, caring community we call home,” said Methodist Foundation’s Cynthia Peacock.




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