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Giving Spirit

20 years of celebrating the spirit of Omaha

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As Hoig and her team continue to work to transform her visions into reality, their products’ appeal grows ever more sophisticated. Hoig seems driven to explore new ways to bring people in the community together, and to continue to honor its servants in a manner that would pay fitting homage to the relationship forged with them over two decades.

SpiritRADIO, Hoig’s weekly “Spirit of Omaha” radio program, offered in collaboration with Salem Radio Omaha, provides nonprofits and community activists yet another platform to promote their agendas, and a new alliance with KMTV Action 3’s Morning Blend, promises to expand on those intentions.

“There has been growth. It’s been a trial and error evolution,” Hoig acknowledges. “Part of it is reaching out to different demographics. We have an incredible YP (young professionals) community here that looks to get involved and that has been contributing to our growth. We want to embrace a whole new generation of givers and support their vision for the future.

“We’ve spent the last twenty years developing relationships in the community, doing our best to promote those who make a difference, and we’ve been enriched by that exchange. We’re going to continue to celebrate that relationship all of 2011, in all the ways we intended to during 2010, before the fire rerouted our plans.”

On the fire’s one-year anniversary the Metro team uncorked a bottle of champagne that survived the blaze, finally placed in new surroundings, raising glasses to a trying but growth-filled period and toasting the start of the company’s next 20 years. Having been “tried by fire” and as a result having experienced first-hand the Spirit of Omaha, Hoig and the Metro family are poised to celebrate
that spirit in increasingly uplifting and compelling ways.




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