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Mary E. Vandenack: Living Single


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Admittedly, there was a time in my life that I put things on hold while waiting for the “right person” to do them with. Fortunately, someone suggested to me to do the things I wanted to do regardless. That is what I’ve done. It has been fun. Buy your dream house. Invite people over. Have parties. Go to parties. Go on fabulous vacations. If you want a child, you can have one. Take up golf, dance lessons or any activity that interests you.

If there are things that you are uncomfortable doing as a single person, don’t do them. I quit doing mostly couple dinner events. There are plenty of events that don’t require you to have someone along. It is okay to avoid those people who make you feel like you are not whole if you are on your own.

Make a list of things to do for tough moments. If you can’t stand being home alone on Saturday nights, make a list of fun things you can do on dateless Saturday evenings and do them.

A “to do” item is to choose friends who have healthy and positive relationships. I tend to avoid hanging out with single friends who are totally focused on “finding someone.” They tend to ditch you when the find that someone. I focus on my long-term friends, whether married or single and choose activities that I enjoy.

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