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Don’t Postpone Your Life

Don’t Postpone Your Life Again This Year!

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After completing our lists, we sat together, usually with a glass of wine, explaining, debating, pondering and playing with each other’s ideas. This is where the real “work” (and a lot of magic) happened. With some laughter and a few tears, we landed on our final 2-3 individual goals and our 1-2 (no more!) shared intentions. We learned that if we tried to tackle too much we ended up getting lost in our lists.

We then captured the essence of our agreements on new, visually fun, and creative new posters that we hung inside our master bedroom door where we would see them all the time. They became part of our visual landscape so we couldn’t avoid them. We checked in regularly to see how we were doing; what we were resisting and postponing. The chart launched some of our deepest and best conversations.

Each year, when the final Goal Charts were posted, we went to a wonderful dinner to celebrate our intentions. That was our reward. We committed to support one another, and we agreed to push ourselves to tackle the things that made us most uncomfortable...the things that seemed self-indulgent, excessive, even outrageous, at least to us.

To use Nancy’s term, we were high achieving “gritters.” We pushed and prodded our lives to some level of accumulation and accomplishment but did so at the expense of constant busyness and missing out on time together leaving neither of us feeling as if we were having much fun. Sound familiar?

This trusting process to create our goal charts and our commitment to acting on them, moved our To-Do lists to To-Become lists.


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