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Don’t Postpone Your Life

Don’t Postpone Your Life Again This Year!

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After the resolutions for another New Year begin to fade, it’s useful to remind ourselves of the simple vows we can make to change how we show up in the world:

“But I’ve had enough of turning to look back, the old post-morteming of defeat: people I loved but didn’t touch, friends I haven’t seen for years, strangers who smiled but didn’t speak – failures, failures.

No, I refuse to leave it all to that, because somewhere, off camera, January is coming like Venus up from the murk of December, revirginized, as innocent of loss as any dawn.

Resolved: this year I’m going to break my losing streak, I’m going to stay alert, reach out, speak when not spoken to, read the minds of people in the streets.

I’m going to practice every day, stay in training, and be moderate in all things. All things but love.” ~ from “New Year’s Resolution”, 1988, by Philip Appleman

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” ~Victor Frankl


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I am often asked about our work and our global leadership Practice. We help leaders become more effective, and to produce exceptional results. We are in the Performance business.

We partner, assess, coach and support senior leaders and Board members to enhance their effectiveness as leaders and to help them take responsibility for their work and their lives, to lead and live fully. We believe that in a world of possibility we can choose to create conditions for greatness, to alter the forces that act upon us, and to exercise our intention upon the world of business and commerce. We can choose to take responsibility for our lives and our future, and in so doing, unleash incredible energy to live and perform at our best
In our newsletters and commentaries we frequently comment about the elusive path to life balance, the challenge of staying present in our own lives, the invitation to own more of our experience, to live, lead and love more authentically, and to have more fun.

Roger Fransecky

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