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February 2012 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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The big news this month is Neptune going into the sign it rules, Pisces, after an approximate 165 year journey (It was the late 1800’s the last time we experienced this).  This big blue-green ethereal ball of creativity, spirituality, illusion, deceit, addictions and oneness will slowly move our world into knowing that we are all connected and what we do to one, we do to us all.   We will evolve at a much greater speed.  February 7th is a lovely Full Moon in Leo, time for a party and just plain enjoying your life!  The New Moon in Pisces on the 21st will sit next to pretty Neptune; this calls for a ritual to plant your seeds for what you would like to have in your life.  Chiron (healing wounds) will also be with this pair and will be very helpful in letting the past go.  All in all, February is a fairly gentle month and we can all be enjoying Mars retrograde which allows us to go over very thoroughly any plans we have for our future.  This is a good month to rest up for the big push coming all spring.



Neptune’s dreams land in your 12th house of mysticism and that is where Neptune belongs.  Your intuitions are about to become psychic!  You are going to grow spiritually in very profound ways in the years to come.  Mars, retrograde in your house of health and work could mean you need to rework some project you are on and to plan a better work out.


Neptune will be staying in your “social” house till 2026.  I would use that energy to be more creative in manifesting what you want and also attracting friends who are more in tune with your spiritual path.  Mars in your “fun” house could open a new world for you to play in.  Watch for high emotions in the home or with your Mother on the 7th and an opportunity for new growth on the 21st.


Dreamy Neptune is in your “honors” house.  Spend time meditation/reflecting on what more you could be doing to gain honor.  From now till July would be a good time to do a little redecorating in the home, maybe even some repair.  On the 7th don’t fight with your siblings, tell jokes instead.  There may be a rebirth of your career on the horizon.


You are about to come into the most spiritually evolved time of your life.  Your mind will open and receive the blessings of the Universe in the years to come.  Beware of ego disputes from now thru June, just be tolerant, you don’t have to be right, even if you are.  Take care of your possessions around the 7th, as there could be an emotional issue around some.  Marriage is intense for years to come.


You are so lucky to have a happy Full Moon in Leo on the 7th, you should throw a party!  Or at least show up at one, you will be the star!  As spiritual Neptune transits your house of rebirth and change, you will grow into a very evolved being indeed.  Your career or achievements have the blessing of Jupiter (abundance) until June; don’t waste this opportunity-go for the gold!


You may be on the defense as Mars (ego) nudges you to take a stand.  No need to fight, breathe and become the diplomat you are.    Neptune in your relationship house can be very confusing so keep your committed relationship very open and honest.  The Full Moon on the 7th may find you seeking solitude away from the madding crowd.


Neptune will help you find a way to heal psychologically and in turn physically.  The Full Moon on the 7th is in your house of friends…….be with them, as many as possible for a really good time.  Deep psychological changes will be with you for years, sit back and relax.  There is a possible rebirth in the work area towards the end of the month.  Spend time daydreaming about what you would like to be doing.


Saturn continues to hold you accountable for everything you do.  Work hard, it pays off.  If you are in a creative field, that is about to get a super charged dose of energy.  Relationships are supportive and comforting for a few more months.  The Full Moon on the 7th bodes well for you being respected and appreciated for all of your many talents.


As Neptune moves into your home sector there may be some addiction issues to deal with, yours or another’s.  You may even think about moving, just be cautious as Neptune rules illusion and you may be fooling yourself.  Mars will super charge your career for a while, but you may not notice it till spring. 


Neptune in your house of writing could make you the next best seller!  Think about that, this is a creative energy that will be in your house of communication for a very long time.  Don’t be vague, use your talents.  Jupiter is making sure you have a lot of fun into summer.  Mars in your higher mind is asking that you broaden your philosophies with a little more oomph.  Where could you be wiser?


Neptune will be sitting in your house of talents/money for a long time.  It isn’t an easy energy to work with as it requires subtlety and finesse, but you can do it, just be sure to do it in a new and brilliant way.  The Full Moon on the 7th is in your relationship house.  This could be a wonderful time with your sweetie if you don’t get too demanding.  Mars is transforming you at pretty deep levels.


You are about to get even dreamier and more creative than you have ever been!  The Full Moon in Leo on the 7th hits your work/health house bringing energy and humor to it all!  Mars in your relationship house may cause a few ego disputes with your honey, but it doesn’t have to, you can be tactful too.  Life is just too good to waste it on arguing.

Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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