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Morning Star Center • A Center for Counsel and Change

Its the threshold of a new year and the perfect time to take stock of your life.



We've ushered out 2009 with a dizzying schedule of parties, shopping, baking, family gatherings and general merry making. Though joyful, its a pace we cannot (and perhaps, would not want to) maintain every month. Welcome, January, with your slower pace. Weve tended to our families and friends; weve met year-end business goals. Now is the time to turn our energies inward and cultivate personal growth and healing.   

January's quiet offers us a chance to look inward. The cold weather draws us into our homes where we read and play games by the fire, enjoy rib-sticking family meals, and generally slow down. Were drawn metaphorically inwards as well. We look at our past year, give thanks for all the good that came our way and recognize what we need to let go so we have more room to welcome in the coming year. Change could be a commitment to healthier eating. Has yoga always intrigued you? Perhaps the time has come to invest your time in yoga practice. Maybe you recognize the need for calm in your harried life.  Meditation might be one way to access this calm. Whatever the particular need, a new year is ahead of you, full of potential and discovery.

Getting Started

If you are not certain how to begin this fresh start, the Morning Star Center can give you direction. Co-founders Sue Moon and Dixie Clark established the Center for Counseling and Change in 2003 with Kathy Safranek. Through holistic counseling, Dixie and Sue show their clients how they are sabotaging their goals because of old, limiting beliefs.

"The mission of Morning Star is to facilitate the growth of the human spirit"

-Sue Moon

Sue and Dixie met in 1998 when Dixie took one of Sues meditation classes. Both had worked in the health care fields for 25 years when they began conducting workshops together. Dixie recalls, "We felt as though we had a unique combination of spirituality, mind/body techniques, and energy work in the work that we did with clients. We believed it would be very powerful to combine what we did."

Their initial workshop was called Woman of Substance, which "helped women explore where and to whom they were giving away their power, and to learn to honor themselves," says Dixie. Its success led to a more spiritual oriented workshop, Sacred Women, which helped participants recognize and access their Divine natures. Wishing to continue the counseling and subsequent healing experienced at the workshops, the two women sought to open a center where their clients could delve deeper into the self-exploration begun in the workshops. Thus, the Morning Star Center was conceived and born.     

Growth and Change

"The mission of Morning Star is to facilitate the growth of the human spirit," Sue explains. "It is a safe space where people wanting to change can feel supported and be given real help in a timely fashion," she continues. 

How individuals achieve the change for which they are seeking is as varied as the human race. Therefore, it was important for Morning Star to offer a "variety of modalities to help people make changes on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels," Dixie explains. Sue offers yoga and meditation classes; particularly popular are the Crystal Bowl Meditation classes. Sue, along with co-instructor Sue McCarthy, uses Tibetan crystal bowls as a musical conduit for meditation. The calming power of the Crystal Toning Bowls helps those mediating to relax and release trauma without the pain of reliving the trauma. Doctors are beginning to discover a link between the soothing sounds of Crystal Toning Bowls and healing. 

Another popular program is Reiki. Sue, a Reiki Master, helps her clients clear their auras and chakras to achieve personal and spiritual healing. Dixie practices Noetic Field Therapy (soul-centered therapy) which she says brings in spiritual energy to clear out limiting beliefs and judgments to facilitate soul development and awareness.

Sue and Dixie also host afternoon and evening seminars which focus on a myriad of topics. Dixie conducts Loving Your Heart Open, which looks at how rejection and disappointment have curtailed our capacity for trust and how we can combat this emotional withdrawal by opening ourselves to the Spirit and to our true essence. In Living Your Souls Intentions, she shows participants how to integrate the Souls intentions, the highest good for us, into our daily living, and how to counteract all the negative forces that can diminish these intentions.

Every January, Dixie and Sue conduct a womens weekend retreat at the Knowles Spirituality Center. This years topic is The Art of Letting Go. So often fear of the unknown keeps us rooted in behavior patterns, belief systems and relationships that do not support our well-being. The retreat offers women the opportunity to explore ways to build trust and let go of what is holding us back from living fully and divinely. 

Going Beyond

Morning Stars services will continue to expand in 2010. Sue, who has studied astrology since 1972, will continue to build on her newly established astrology series in which she not only counsels others in astrology but also teaches it. Dixie will introduce Saturday morning programs called Holistic Healing and The Souls Journey. Though most of their programs take place on site at Morning Star Center, Sue and Dixie are hoping to record some of their classes for remote learning via compact disc and the internet. 

"We all feel stuck at some point in our lives. But it is vital that we not roll over and play dead, accepting this limited state. When people change the relationship they have with themselves, when they learn to love and accept all parts of themselves, they open up to a tremendous amount of healing energy, and both their inner and outer world change," Dixie has observed in her years at Morning Star. 

Sue describes the center she began with Dixie six and a half years ago as a peaceful and heart-centered space. Their years of extensive training and compassionate natures ensure success for their clients. If you have any area of your life that you feel blocked in, we can help with quick methods for change, she counsels. It will be change for the better. What a prefect way to begin a new year.

For more information, visit the Morning Star Center website at www.morningstarcenter.com. Initial consultations with prospective clients are offered free of charge.

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