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JANUARY 2010: Vibrations

January Horoscopes: The Countdown to 2012

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Fun versus work, whats a person to do?  Restructure how you do both so that there is more of an equal balance of the two.  When Jupiter moves into your relationship sector you can certainly expect some action or commitment or de-commitment from lovers or business partners.  Its been erratic for you for awhile in the relationship department and that wont really change this year.  Enjoy your friendships they are highlighted this month.


With Saturn exerting force on your body/personality better keep all in shape and grounded.  As Jupiter moves into your work house you could be seeing a lot more development in how you do that and keep it spiritual because its Pisces.  Your home/subconscious/mother, is calling for your attention.  Re-claim your space and clear the clutter, its time.


Career is soaring and your home continues to be innovative and under re-structuring.  New ways of communicating are being developed and if you write or speak publicly, you will be noticed with new ideas that relate to the masses.  This year you might want to take a trip to Machu Picu or Egypt and expand your spiritual awareness.


Its time to re-work that budget and plan on a stronger monetary base.  You might want to make your home a sacred space with new arrangements and colors that soothe the soul.  An intense month for you, but that could be intensely good, your choice.  Your mind is on fire and you have never been more the philosopher.


People notice you right away; you have great magnetic, personal charm all month long.  Your career has soared to new heights and that will continue all year.  New talents continue to surface, try not to block that.  Your ego mind is being re-made with a spiritual flavor.  Relationships can be emotionally fulfilling at the start of the month.


Your electric personality just got a little quirkier but I think you will find some hidden treasures this year that light up your life many years into the future.  Strong relationships can put out your fire so be the diplomat as there is just so much change it is difficult to handle it all.


People will naturally be drawn to you now as your beautiful personality is more charming than ever.  There is a chance that you will over indulge in many areas and gaining weight is certainly one of them.  Work is strong and never better.  With Saturn just into your house of death and rebirth, someone may be leaving your life, remember the good times.

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