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Ryan's Bistro: Enduring Quality

Ryan Gish

Ryan Gish

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Ryan Gish has spent his life around food. Growing up on a Nebraska farm, he was surrounded by it, helping his mother in her garden, learning to cook by her side in their farmhouse kitchen. This exposure to food, how it is grown and how it is prepared, fostered in Gish a desire to make it his livelihood. "Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a chef," he recalls. 



Time spent with his mother was the first tender seedlings of what would become the established gastromic garden of his adulthood: his vocation of chef and restaurant owner. Last month Ryans Bistro celebrated its first anniversary of business. Located at 17607 Gold Plaza, on the north side of 177th and West Center Road, Ryans Bistro has French neighborhood feel that is friendly and welcoming. "Its like you're walking into somebody's home," says Gish, "Its cozy."

The bistro seats around 70 diners and can accommodate more patrons at the small bar. Its walls are painted a soft, salmon color and decorated with large oil canvases. The wood floors and tables topped with white tablecloths continue the restaurants warm, casual feel. At night, candle light softens the atmosphere, and a fireplace invites guests to linger over an after diner cup of coffee or the last of the wine. Many of Gish's customers tell him that the bistro reminds them of restaurants they have frequented on their travels. 

Though atmosphere is an integral component of dining out, the most elemental is the food. We make our dishes from scratch, says Gish. This may sound like a no brainer. After all, if you wanted reconstituted soup, you could stay home and pop open a can of Campbells. But many restaurants serve prepared soups, salad dressings and sauces. Ryans Bistro makes all its pasta sauces and pan sauces for its meat entrees to order. The dressing for its signature salad is also made to order.  Desserts and breads are homemade off premises.

Gish has developed two menus for lunch and dinner. Appetizers range from the innovative (bacon wrapped dates) to traditional fare (bruschetta with a balsamic glaze). The bistros Signature Salad has a spinach base with brown sugar pears, blue cheese, peppadew peppers, and a warm bacon almond dressing. 

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