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JANUARY 2010 YP Connections: NonProfit Organization of the Month

January 2010: Together, Inc.

 Together, Inc. is a local independent non-profit that was organized as the "Together" cooperative effort after the tornado disaster in 1975. Religious leaders from several denominations quickly realized that thousands of families in Omaha need relief every day and opened the FREE services of Together Inc. to provide for the basic necessities: food, clothing, and shelter.



Last year we served over 27,000 people in need by providing food to over 15,847 people through our Food Pantry and clothing and household items to 11,359 people though our FREE store. We assisted 803 people with rent, state documentation, and vital medical prescriptions. Our Holiday Programs provided 827 children with new toys and a Holiday Dinner at Home for over 250 families.

To assist our mission of bringing Together our community to assist those in need with Hope, Dignity and Compassion, contact Michelle Moyes Dill or Erin Stoll to find out about leadership opportunites that range from a posistion on our Board of Directors to a fun day of volunteering with friends and family. 

Together, Inc. will be the leader in providing Service to those in need, Education to inspire change and Collaboration to sustain that change.

How will you help Omaha?

Contact: Michelle Moyes-Dill, mmoyesdill@togetheromaha.org

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