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JANUARY 2010: Soul's Journey

Charting Your Path: 2010

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Now, stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and look through the eyes of your Soul, knowing that it holds no fear or judgment, but experiences only the purest Love.  As you are looking through these loving eyes, open up to your Souls purpose in all of this.  What was Life asking of you here?  Was it to open your heart?  To trust yourself?  To move forward with courage?  The souls purpose is often beyond our physical senses, but is always working for our highest good, guiding us toward our destiny. When the souls purpose can be seen in the patterns of our lives, life becomes a celebration.  Begin to trust that we are all part of something much larger than our physical being, and that everything that happens is for our highest good.  Our job is to cooperate with our souls expression.
If you sailed through 2009 with abundance and joy, and handled all challenges with grace and ease, thats awesome.  Continue doing that in 2010.  If, on the other hand, you are holding on to regrets, anger, or longing for days passed, then you might find some of the following suggestions helpful. Some of these may take some time, but when you set your intention to do whats for your highest good, these changes begin to take place.

First of all, sit quietly and slow down your breathing. Think of a time when you really felt loving for something or someone, and open up to that feeling now. Hold that experience as you think about the following:

  1. Imagine the you of 2009 out in front of you.  Send that loving energy to him or her. Express appreciation for all that you did. Send that energy through your whole timeline of 2009 to change the vibration.
  2. Take responsibility for the choices you made. Forgive yourself for any judgments youre carrying about what you did or didnt do.
  3. Love those parts of you that continued to repeat old patterns.  Know that youll change when its time, and that youre learning and being strengthened during it all.
  4. Change the questions you ask yourself, as thats where the wisdom lies.  For example:
      • Instead of why did this happen to me?  Ask, what was my souls purpose?
      • Instead of whose fault was this? Ask, what am I to be learning here?
      • Instead of why do I keep screwing up?  Ask, what qualities do I need to handle this differently?
  5. Visualize yourself having the qualities that you need.  Re-experience a situation youre holding on to in a new way to help you transform it.
  6. Set your intention to let go of what no longer serves your Highest Good.
  7. Live in the moment, as that is the only place change occurs.
  8. Trust that everything happened for your learning and growth, and that you were supported throughout the year.


Think of who you are now compared to the you of a year ago.  Chances are, youre not the same.  Youve lived, loved, experienced disappointment, maybe even heartache.  And youve grown on levels youre not even aware of.  Often, youve been sandpapered into a better you. And your soul has been leading you on this journey.  It has been your biggest fan and cheerleader. Always present and loving it all.

Happy New Year to us all. 
May this year be filled with love, joy and laughter!     

-end- metroMAGAZINE


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