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Celebrity Spotlight • Maryellen Hooper

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On Thursday, January 26th, GIRLS INC. hosts the 18TH ANNUAL GIRLS NITE OUT presented by GALLUP. This event is every girl’s dream - an evening of shopping, cocktails, dinner and laughs! Girls Nite Out takes place at the MUTUAL OF OMAHA DOME located at 33rd and Dodge in Midtown. Jane Miller is the Honorary Chair. The general chairs are Jody and Alyson Carstens, Terri and Lauren McDonnell, and Maureen, Carly and Jessica Turner.

There is even more fun following the shopping extravaganza as comedian MARYELLEN HOOPER entertains the crowd.

A veteran in the world of stand-up, MARYELLEN HOOPER’s comedy has taken her from clubs and colleges to theaters and television. She’s appeared on “THE DENNIS MILLER SHOW”, “THE MARTIN SHORT SHOW”, “THE TONIGHT SHOW” with JAY LENO and has had her own ½ hour special on Comedy Central called “LOUNGE LIZARDS”. In 1998, the comedy industry awarded Maryellen “Female Comedian of the Year” at the American Comedy Awards.

A physical, story-teller, Maryellen’s act is an ever-evolving story about her life as a woman, wife and mother.

Maryellen just taped her latest stand-up special, “STINKY FLOWERS” which will air this fall. The special is based on her stories about Wifedom and Mommyhood from her hugely popular blog, Stinky Flowers.

We had the occasion to spend a few minutes with MaryEllen. True to form, here are her answers to some of the questions we posed.

Q. What was your favorite childhood meal?
A. The ones I ate at my friend’s house...my Mom was a terrible cook.

Q. If you owned a boat, what name would you choose for it and why?
A. “Afloat.” I believe in the power of suggestion.

Q. How would you like to spend your elder years?
A. Alive. And/or: As the princess of a wealthy country that pampers it’s royalty.

Q. If you could master one instrument, which would it be and why?
A. Bagpipes. To annoy and payback years of torture at the hands of my drum-playing brother.

Q. What’s the best way to spend a rainy weekend?
A. Inside, watching movies about people singing & dancing in the rain.

Q. What’s your favorite quotation?
A. “Be good for goodness sake.” ~Santa Claus

Q. What does your perfect day look like?
A. Like all my other days, but without all the mistakes.

Q. What would you try, if you had no fear?
A. Be a contestant on the show “Fear Factor”

Q. What do you miss about childhood?
A. Working in the sweatshop.

Q. What song evokes the strongest memories for you?
A. “Memories”

Q. What life experience has strengthened you the most?
A. Going to the gym.

Q. When you’re down what do you do to feel better?
A. Punch a clown. The squeak of the red nose makes me giggle.

Q. Which temptation do you try the hardest to resist?
A. Melvin Franklin. His deep voice makes me feel naughty.

Q. What was your most memorable meal ever?
A. I can’t remember.

Q. If you were to own a fabulously impractical car what would it be and why?
A. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang because who couldn’t use a fine four fendered friend?


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