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January 2012 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Do you feel the fresh air of change? It’s really building in momentum as we pause to look into the coming year. What will it hold for our world? What will it bring each individual? There is now the opportunity to create the changes that need to happen from the inside out. There is an impatient charge to the very air around us at months beginning. The changes are building in momentum and even looking back a few years ago can see our lives profoundly different today. This year accelerates that. No need to hang on to the past, its grip is slipping too. We will see a renewed interest in re-building our country from the lower echelon. Unfortunately, the higher echelon will still be using bandades over gushing wounds. Look to smaller communities taking care of each other as the new future for our world, especially here in the US. There will be the potential for a “chosen one” to step up and offer salvation. Unfortunately, that is how Hitler came into power. This is not the time for Saviors and demi-gods; it is the time of each person saving their part of the world. This month sets a fast pace for the coming year of change with mighty Pluto and the Sun together changing fundamental energies all around! Jupiter (abundance) setting the stage with Saturn (responsibility) asks for a reevaluation of recent expansion and a firming up of our countries relationships with other countries. This will affect us personally by calling us out for equality and the appreciation of diversity. March is full of surprises and possibilities for all. We will be into gear grinding change as the first of five Pluto/Uranus conjunctions happens in June through 2015, this is what will challenge the world and crumble rotting foundations so that a new order of compassionate tolerance can emerge. None of these profound changes happen overnight. We are in for the long haul.



Uranus continues to challenge you to reinvent yourself and the Moon is right there alongside making you a little rash and impulsive.  Shadows re-emerge about making and handling money in responsible ways.  Health is strong thanks to Mars in your health house and that will last till next July.  Good time to be working out and eating better.  Contribute your best to the world and make a difference.


Expansion all around and that could mean you need to lose a little weight from all those Christmas goodies.  New Year’s resolutions for you could be about being out in the world more and helping others with your steady and wise counsel.  Venus favors you this month, ask for a raise.  You are about to enter a time in your life where you will be recognized as the stellar person you are.  You still have a few demons to tame, but don’t we all.


Regeneration is the name of the game for you.  With the Sun (vital spirit) and Pluto (regeneration/renewal) causing all sorts of change in your area of rebirth.  Might as well let the past go, you can’t do anything about it anyway, it’s all dead.  Let Pluto lift you up into a higher realm and a newer life.  Your work is about to get a dose of practical Saturn soon and you will get a lot more done.  Home becomes supercharged with energy so invite friends over and have some fun with that, it goes till July-BE SOCIAL!


With Mars in your everyday living sector there will be a highly charged energy thru next July there.  This could mean ego disputes if you aren’t careful.  Relationships/Marriage partners will be very intense this month thanks to Pluto and the Sun being so close.  Let it deepen your love and commitment instead of arguing.  Venus is a help this month in drawing money in and also sexual encounters.  More unexpected kudos in your career sector but you may resent the time away from home.


This month take extra care of your health, or possibly someone else’s.  Pluto in this realm reveals hidden problems in that area that need to be dealt with.  Since Chiron is entering your death/rebirth house and the serious nature of the Pluto transit, someone dear to you may be leaving this earth.  You are about to step into a higher achievement faze of your life that will show the world your worth.  This year could bring new talents to the forefront and energize your money sector.


All Virgo’s get a nice surge of strength from Mars in your sign till July 2012!  It also makes you a little overbearing at times, so play nice.  Thinking about changing your home around or moving?  Mercury will help you plan that this month.  Children could be challenging for you thanks to Pluto.  This year will provide you with ample opportunity to heal relationship issues.  Unexpected money may come your way too.


Mars transiting in your 12th house of karma/undoing could be difficult if it is not handled properly.  You may have feelings of frustration and lack of recognition.  Work alone as much as possible and deal with feelings or irritability.  Home life will bring up profound feelings and you may need to change your residence.  But through it all there will still be fun times, thanks to Venus, so it will be a matter of where do you want to focus and how do you want to effect long term change that is favorable for you personally.


With Saturn just getting ready to leave your 12th House in October 2012, you will have literally “cleared the decks” to get ready for a new life!  Pluto in your 3rd house makes everyday activities much more intense.  There is deep psychological change happening in your everyday life and many things will pass this year that you thought were permanent.  Fortunately, Jupiter is entering your partnership house and will bring you people that are very helpful.  It could bring you a partner/lover from another land.


Now is the time to express yourself to others in a calm and authoritative way.  You will need to find quiet/meditative time to handle this energy or it will just come off as nervousness. You are undergoing a radical metamorphosis that will affect your possessions and your sense of value in the years to come, thanks to Pluto.  You may even have to change the source of your income.  This is a breakdown faze to put your views about acquiring things/money etc into a more realistic perspective and to see what is really important in your life.


You are radically reshaping your personality on the road to self improvement.  You may have to deal with control issues at this time.  Pluto is in your first house until 2025 reshaping your life.  On the lighter side, Venus is now in your house of possessions and she loves money and things-be careful you don’t overspend, but do enjoy yourself.  Far out insights dog your dreams and you wonder what it all means.  Mars will stimulate you to travel and expand your mind thru July 2012.


You have a great desire to relate to others this month and you are a real peacemaker.  You will be very attractive to others and they will desire to help you in your endeavors.  This year many new and unusual people will come into your life and everyday living will be just a tad chaotic at times!  Retreat into your space/home and indulge yourself to get away from it all.  Watch for ego conflicts thru July thanks to Mars stirring things up!  Later this year you will get the recognition you deserve and probably a big fat raise!


You are entering a phase of your life this year and into many years to come of change.  You will be like a changeling at times, as you try on different aspects of yourself and bring up deeper parts to the surface.  Don’t waste time being confused by it all, just enjoy it!  Mars in your marriage house may cause some arguments, mediation is always best.  Many friendships will change in the years to come and you may be surprised by who is leaving your life.  There is much healing that can take place this month, relax into it and take plenty of time for just you.

Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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