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July 2010: Vibrations

July 2010 horoscopes

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The second eclipse of the summer is almost here. This solar eclipse is expected to fall on July 11th, and how it will affect everyone is sure to be a surprise. Eclipses shut down the past so we can be open to the future, and allow that future to be filled with surprises and excited episodes. July is full of potential for declaring your space free of old patterns and people who don’t allow your full expression.



The human race is beginning to realize the end of an age has already happened. As we sit on the brink of discovery of what we are as a species and what we have done to our home planet-as well as to one another-many fear retribution, but many more will now dig in and begin the repair work. We are all called to step up to the need for massive change in how we view, work, love and care for our world. This is just another step in evolution of any species - a great time of peace is calling us all. Do your own work for clearing and happiness and then help some others. Volunteer at the local shelters for both humans and animals. Rescue a child or an older person. Commit yourself to a path of loving change.


Mars and now Venus in Virgo in your house of work/health/service are sure to bring a few surprises. You may meet someone at work that changes your life. Your health will be strong and if you do get ill, you will heal quickly. The eclipse falls in your house of Home/Mother, and if your Mother is still here, spend some time with her-it is needed for healing.


This could bring some unusual happenings with friends. Lilith and Chiron conjoin your 11th house and can bring either a hurtful situation or the potential for healing an old issue with a friend. The eclipse lands in your communication sector. Watch what you say and rethink old ways of communicating. Have you been completely honest with yourself and others about what you are doing?


You should be getting a nice jolt of fresh energy in your talents and income. New ideas will be jumping off the page at you-grab a few and make the needed changes, allowing for more expression of who you really are. This is also a great time to change your home into what you really want. A small party in your home with someone you are interested in will go amazingly well this month!


You could pull off a complete makeover this month. New hair, new clothes, etc. While you are at it, read Dale Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. You need a change. With Pluto staring back at the eclipse in your house of Body/Personality, make it a deep and positive change. Don’t get depressed-just look at what is good in your life and make it even better.


You are about to go into your subconscious and rethink your life. You have so many gifts of such a generous nature, but now it’s time to see what could make you even happier. Look for more of your talents to emerge and beg for attention. Broaden your search for more resources hidden deep inside of you. Keep eating better and working out-your health needs it.


This eclipse will bring changes in just about everything you do. Your love life will be interesting this month as Venus stares across at Lilith and Chiron. You might want to do a little therapy on that one and a lot of forgiveness of self and others. Workout now. Mars will lend a hand to make you stronger, but He can also stir up anger if you aren’t being in the moment and seeing what is really going on. The eclipse highlights huge change in the way you relate to friends and your ability to manifest your dreams.


Career and how you view your life’s achievements will be given a radical jolt at the eclipse and you will experience this energy for many months to come. As it opposes Pluto, you may want to do some deep thinking about who you are and where you want to go next. This is the time of your life, don’t let it slip into oblivion-you either! Your relationships will start getting a little crazier while Uranus is in Aries till Fall, just smile and relax; be in the eye of the storm.


Your Higher mind and philosophies will be injected with fabulous energies with this eclipse. You may discover some new and wonderful ways to teach others of what you know. Travel is highly accented, a long journey where you learn a great deal. Mercury in your career sector helps with inspiration for deepening your career or changing it completely.


Ch-ch-ch-change is in the air and you know it. You have been a little unhappy with where you are but that will change now. The eclipse in your house of death and rebirth will help you walk through the door into a new world, don’t let it slip by. It could adversely affect your health. Breathe, open up, release, and move on-you can do it!! Career is being watched and Mars and Venus open up their arms to you and offer all the help you need.


You are so intense now and your relationships are all looking at you and wondering who you are and what happened to their husband, wife, etc. This is a good time to advance your ability to think in the higher stratospheres and maybe take a lovely vacation. Home is undergoing some unusual changes and it’s necessary for your state of happiness.


Work and health are highlighted by this July 11th eclipse. If you have wanted to change jobs, start looking in earnest and don’t be surprised if something you never dreamed of falls in your lap. Take a chance for change and discover some hidden aspect of yourself that will delight others. There may be some people leaving your life soon. Never put off til tomorrow what can be said today. You might even find a new and wonderful pet-check out the shelters, where there are many animals waiting for a loving family.


Your ability to have fun is transformed by the eclipse this month and you may want to stay at home and enjoy the kids and home environment! Make some changes there that will allow you to be much happier! Put in a pool or add a room so that your home becomes like a getaway. Stellar month for you and your committed partner, just be honest with each other and the love will flow like silk.

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