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Completely Commited

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while any donations or sponsorships for completely kids are greatly
appreciated, there are certain things that are always especially in need.


This program provides 305 elementary children with backpacks full of kid-friendly and nutritious food to take home over the weekend, making them better ready to tackle their school work when Monday arrives. Volunteers to stuff backpacks each week are also needed. Please donate Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (pull tab), Vegetable Beef Soup (pull tab), Individual-Sized Easy Mac, Hormel/Chef Boyardee Dinner Cup (pull tab), Del Monte Salt-Free Corn (pull tab), Jell-O Snack Sliced Fruit or Applesauce (pull tab), granola bars (any brand), pudding snacks (any brand), individual-sized cereal (any brand), juice boxes and fresh apples

From making thank you cards to practicing cursive and from quite reading to boisterous play, our kids are active! Please donate pencils, crayons, markers, composition notebooks, construction paper, drawing paper, jewelry beads, board games, puzzles, note cards, calculators, books, books and more books!

Photography classes teach our kids self-reliance and confidence. As a bonus, scrapbooking supplies help to promote creativity as the children present their photos.

Seeds, tools, and fertilizer give our kids the chance to grow their own vegetables and learn the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles. If you have a green thumb yourself, volunteer to help the children tend to their gardens and give them planting advice.

Soccer keeps our kids active, but also gives them the opportunity to learn about discipline, teamwork and personal commitment. Completely KIDS children also enjoy dodge-ball, jumping rope and yoga. All of these activities allow for the kids to release their energy.

All Completely KIDS youth love field trips as they provide experiences for learning something new about not only themselves, but also their community. Ranging from learning about the environment to our city’s culture to touring a college, field trips help turn our children into future leaders.

For many of our kids, these snacks are their dinner and must hold them through the night. Fresh fruit, yogurt and other nutritious items are essential to keeping Completely KIDS children productive and healthy.

To learn how you can help, contact Ann Lawless at 402-397-5809 x 207 or alawless@completelykids.org.

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