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Easy Breezy • A Summer wedding survival kit

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Bill. Bill. Credit card ploy. Bill. Pizza ad. Oh! An oversized envelope addressed with swirling, gold calligraphy grabs your attention. You know this envelope is different– it gives you a reason to find a babysitter for the day, to show off your summer glow and to flaunt that splurge purchase you earned for losing five pounds. But receiving a wedding invitation when the thermometer is flirting with triple digits may obliterate your excitement.

No need to fear! We checked in with Five Salon Director Denie Spire for some head-to-toe tips to ensure the heat doesn’t wilt your summer wedding style:


Hairstyles can make or break an outfit. “You notice your hair way before anybody else does,” said Spire. “For most women, it’s the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. It makes you feel good about yourself when you’re taking care of your hair.” Even if you have a killer dress, you won’t do your overall appearance justice with flat hair infused with sweat. Spire suggested a natural-looking updo. “I don’t mean natural like you just got out of the shower, but soft curls. Updos tend to be less perfect. They’re not messy, but a little more unkempt.” Try a loose chignon or a chic topknot to stay both cool and fabulous-looking. Spire also recommended anti-humidity products to keep hair from frizzing up or dropping down. 


You leave home with your face done to perfection. After 15 minutes in the relentless sun, you become a melted mess of shiny skin and running mascara. Spire’s secret weapon to avoid this horror movie look is travel-sized spray facial toner. Better yet, chill it in the fridge before you leave. Spritz it on whenever you need relief. It’s not only refreshing, but it helps set your makeup. Like hair, the trend in makeup is a natural look, so use soft colors and lines for eyes and lips. If you want to be a little more daring, Five Salon’s
Amber Carter suggested a pink lip. “It’s not just any pink,” said the skincare, waxing and makeup specialist. “Bright pink. It’s crazy because it looks good on everyone.” Wear mineral-tinted moisturizer with SPF for a bit of coverage, color and protection.   


Remember that expensive silk dress you’ve been dying to wear? Keep on waiting. Avoid silk, polyester and other fabrics that don’t breathe. Instead, find an airy dress made from silk chiffon, linen or cotton. Make sure to hide those hard-earned tan lines by wearing a dress that matches your swimsuit style. If you have a halter swimsuit, for example, select a dress with the same cut. Finally, opt for light solids, florals or patterns. Remember, dark colors absorb the sun.       


To take your look to the next level, add a little sparkle or splash of color with accessories. But don’t go overboard.  Keep heavy, chunky jewelry at home or regret the uncomfortable burden they become. Invest in a small clutch for just the essentials so you don’t feel like a pack mule all day.


Unless you want to aerate the lawn, leave your sky-high stilettos for a night on the town. Go with some wedges instead. They’ll give you that leggy, model height without sinking into the ground. Sandals can be a wonderful pick, as long as you never (ever, ever, ever) wear flip-flops. In sandal season, Spire suggested women use a foot moisturizer and exfoliant to keep feet looking healthy.

You can now RSVP with no worries of the sun’s hot rays smudging your style. Try out Spire’s hairstyle advice to “pump it up, but be comfortable with it,” for your entire look. Take calculated risks to step up your style, but make sure you still feel confident with yourself.

All that’s left to do is to enjoy the champagne! 

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