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July 2011 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Somewhat of a repeat, as July opens with a Solar Eclipse, just like June. The difference is that June 1st was Gemini (mercurial) and July 1st is Cancer (feminine/nurturing). Very different energies indeed! And the really big difference is that we have other “players” involved this time, making it a Cardinal Grand Cross; Sun-spirit, Moon-emotions, Uranus-freedom, Pluto-destruction, Saturn-do it right. Because eclipses signal dramatic endings that allow for new beginnings, you might want to see how you are faring now that we are on our third such major shifting in four weeks time. This is also the summer of the Pluto (dying to be reborn) square (friction-change) Uranus (chaos/revolution). We have this into 2018. As famed astrologer Robert Wilkinson observed on aquariuspapers.com, “I’ll only say here that the number of revolts and economic upheavals when Uranus has been in Aries is more than a bit unsettling, given the global economic problems and oppressive conditions under which so many suffer in our world. I’d say we’re in for a few years of tremendous change, with technological breakthroughs and a lot of social upheaval.” And I’m only hitting the highlights. There is a great deal afoot and the name of the game is to evolve or else great catastrophe will be the least of our problems. To evolve, you need a spiritual practice that is honest and clear; doing good works and being the best person you can be, no matter your circumstances.



The Cardinal Grand Cross will be in your 1st (relationship to self), 4th (home), 7th (relationship to others) and 10th (career/achievements). These areas will be calling your attention to eliminating old, outworn lifestyles and opening to your greater potential in all of these areas. Looks like you are getting a whole new makeover!


Your areas of greatest change will be work/health, karmic imbalances, everyday life and higher forms of spirituality/philosophy. The challenge here will be for you to realize what you need to let go of in order to live a life more in alignment with who you have now become.


Two money houses (your $ and other people’s $) are involved in the big slam Cardinal Cross. The other focus will be on friends/small groups and on creatively having fun. If you have needed a better budget, this would be a good time to commit to fiscal responsibility in your life and make a better plan. Some of your friends are going to be way far out!


A tad bit unsettling for you, dear Cancer, as this lifechanging energy is hitting you up close and personal in the body/personality sector, opposing your marriage/ partnerships and also home and career. Time to get a little more organized and clear about who you are and what you want and what is yours to contribute to the world.


Roar a little louder please. Uranus, in your higher mind, has quite a statement to make. Just be sure you check your facts. Everyday life may seem a little boring, but your dreams will make up for that; so write them down and maybe turn it into a book. Publishing is favored for you now and so is writing/communicating.


Unpredictable change and perhaps some loss. You are asked to develop your talents more and treat your money with more respect. If you have children, they may be a source of profound change. Your friends are undergoing some dramatic weeding out and some may be gone soon. Stay grounded and open. Cut the sarcasm and move into higher awareness and tolerance for all.


Career/home, relationships/enemies, taking care of your body and more… how are you doing with all of these things? If you feel like you could be contributing more, look around and see how. If you are confused, seek clarity. Exercise, eat balanced, whole, organic foods. Join a “cause.” Be the change as you seek–find peace within.


Your everyday life is emotionally charged and very profound. This includes family/neighbors, etc. The eclipse hits you in the higher mind/travel/spirituality area and you may find yourself understanding consciousness in a whole new way. Be careful of accidents, as Uranus is unpredictable in that area and He is in your work/health house.


If you have children, they may surprise you this month. Just how is uncertain, as it is Uranus affecting this sector, but this is also the sector of having fun and creativity. Looks like it will be something unusual for you! Stay grounded and watch your temper. When the energies of your chart are stirred up this much, you must endeavor to step into your higher self to handle it all.


Some important relationship in your life is about to change dramatically. Caution against accidents in the home while Uranus (accidents) transits through this area. Career/life achievements are soaring and people see you as the great person you are. Take better care of your body, especially at the Full Moon on the 15th.


Dramatic revelations may be coming in through your dreams now. Your health needs full cooperation from you in the form of better diet/exercise, etc. There may be a change in jobs at this time. The New Moon in Leo on the 30th could herald a change in an existing relationship. Time to renew and reinvent some part of that.


New ideas and creativity can come flooding into your life. Children can create quite a stir for you now. A deeper change at a very fundamental level is possible while Saturn (accountability) transits your major change house. You are a very profound person at this time; just don’t take yourself so seriously while all this wisdom is flowing out to others. This is a good time to practice humility and other spiritual qualities.

Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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