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July 2011 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

The Huerters: Shirley with Moose, Becca, Tom with Maude, Megan with Eloise, Jim with Bubba and Millie

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Walk into the Huerter household and you are struck by the happy attitude of the dogs residing within. “Bubba is just a good guy, nothing really phases him,” says Dr. Jim Huerter. Bubba is the first dog adopted from NHS by the family, but not the last. “That’s our place now to find pets,” says Shirley, “we’ve gotten wonderful animals and it just feels good to give them a home.” It was actually the Huerter children who started going to the shelter to look at pets. Megan had adopted Eloise, a Hurricane Katrina survivor from Dallas, and son Jimmy was the driving force behind Bubba becoming a Huerter.

“NHS had a litter of what appeared to be purebred boxers,” says Jim, “and I had owned boxers before. So Bubba came home with us. I gotta’ tell you he is the biggest boxer, by 30 pounds, that I have ever owned!” Bubba joined resident dogs Maude and Millie, but the Huerter daughters weren’t done. Becca found Moose, a small but mighty Yorkie mix. And Mary fell in love with Wint and Notch, two cats who were less than thrilled with the idea of a family photo and so graciously declined the opportunity. “We just love our pets,” says Shirley. "They are very much a part of our family." Judging by the wagging tails, we think the dogs feel the same way.

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