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July 2012 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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July starts with a bang as our Sun (spirit) gets a glare from Pluto (transform), a jolt from Uranus (unpredictability) and  a nice little smile from Chiron (healing wounds).  You can expect some people to act a little out of character, but there will be an opportunity to heal from old hurts.  The 4th of July is one day after a strong Capricorn Full Moon calling us all to take a stand for what we believe in.  This Full Moon is also conjunct powerful Pluto.  When these two come together emotions run very deep.  Mars has been in exacting Virgo since last November and on the 4th moves into peace loving Libra.  Plan your 4th of July celebrations with people you love, take in a parade and just keep smiling, no matter what.  It’s Mercury retrograde time again, the 2nd this year, starting on the 15th till August 8th.  During Mercury retrograde we have ample opportunity to clear out the clutter of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Many people moan and groan when this happens because computers tend to break down as do other electrical appliances; and please don’t sign any important papers, they’ll just have to be re done.  However, this time is great for projects you have been working on and often they take an interesting turn and come out better than expected.  It really can be a liberating experience; so if you have old ideas and plans this would be the time to work on them.  It is also a great time for travelling with an occasional delay or missed flight, but it will turn out to be very interesting and can bring new adventure into your life.  Uranus (freedom/chaos) goes retrograde on the 13th till December.  When a planet slows down we have the chance to really experience it because it is just sitting there and not moving very fast.  When the planet is Uranus we get to examine our lives and see where we need more freedom, more creativity and definitely more spontaneity!  This month we have 5 planets retrograde, much thinking and redefining of our lives on many levels.  What do you really want in your life?  How can you bring that in?  Is your spiritual life giving you what you need?  Can you heal yourself and others through forgiveness?



The Full Moon on the 3rd will be very powerful for you in the area of your career; a change is coming.  Jupiter just moved into the very mental/communicative sign of Gemini in your mental house-you will be overflowing with ideas to change your daily environment!  During the last part of the month you will have an opportunity to change your home in some way.  Also during this time, you could be problem solving with a child or thinking of ways to have more fun.


Please think of new ways to develop your talents and earn more money because this month Jupiter (expansion) comes to help with that.  Lovely Venus is helping too with many beautiful and happy times all month long.  Your home is taking up a lot of your thoughts, are you moving? Redecorating?  The Full Moon on the 3rd has Pluto in your higher education/teaching house, this is a profound combination and people will take notice.  An older man may come into your life bringing words of wisdom.


It’s all about you this month!  Venus and Jupiter are in your sign making it a happy time.  The Full Moon on the 3rd highlights deep transformation in your life involving other people’s money.  If you need extra cash now is the time to ask.  The New Moon on the 19th offers you a chance to plan anew in developing your talents and earning more money.  If you are thinking about changing careers, make sure the new career is creative enough for your many talents.


Your birth month is always a happy space and this month you also get a New Moon in Cancer on the 19th!  This means that whatever you would like to have differently in your life now is the time to plant the seeds for it.  Be cautious with your sweetie around the 4th, there could be some emotional displays of a very profound nature.  Your dreams have been pretty stimulating lately, be sure to write them down for any messages.


The first of the month is about you paying attention to something at work or about your health or the health of others.  It’s a lot of fun with friends all month long thanks to Jupiter and Venus in your friend house.  The New Moon (beginnings) lands in your meditation room, plan now for big changes later at the Full Moon, what would you like to start?  Mercury retrograde slows down your life briefly so you can decide what to do next.


Mars has been giving you added strength since last November, that is all about to change as this planet is now moving into your talents/money house.  You may find a new job and make more money this month.  Career is highlighted in a very favorable way all month.  Children may be a problem for you at this time.  Mercury retrograde asks you to withdraw and replenish.


Mars leaves your meditation room and adds extra strength to your body and personality this month, Mars can be a strong ego influence if not tempered by wisdom.  Pay attention to your body and give it what it needs.  Changes on the home front during the 1st part of the month bring some kind of transformation and because it involves Pluto, it is not always easy.  Relationships are crazy thanks to revolutionary Uranus for a long time to come .  If you have been wanting to go back to school, now is the time, Jupiter and Venus will help you.  The New Moon in your career sector heralds that a  big change is possible now.


The first of the month be careful that you aren’t trying to manipulate someone into doing what you want them to do, it will backfire on you.  Unexpected accidents are a possibility if you aren’t paying attention.  The New Moon on the 19th lands next to your Mid-heaven, which is very auspicious for changing careers.  Mercury retrograde is in your career house, also very auspicious for changes that are advantageous to you; just don’t sign any legal documents till mid August.


The first of the month brings a Full Moon (emotions/the past) next to profound Pluto in your talents and money sector.  Something is about to come to a head and I think you will benefit from this.  It is very favorable this month for marriage or business partners thanks to Venus and Jupiter in the partnership house.  The New Moon on the 19th lands in your major change and other people’s money sector offering you new opportunities to earn higher wages or inherit money.


You are one strong force this month with a Full Moon in Capricorn next to Pluto in Capricorn.  Your health should be quite strong and work will go smoothly this month.  Relationships fill your needs and if married, a new lease in loving is possible.  Mercury retrograde happens in your 8th house of major change, how would you like that to turn out?  What is needing to leave your life so something better can come in?


Listen to your dreams this month!  Mighty Pluto is next to the Full Moon bringing you messages from your subconscious.  Your daily living is full of surprises, hopefully they are all good.  It should be a fun month with Jupiter (joyful) and Venus (loving) together in your play house!  Mercury retrograde asks you to rethink and redo your committed relationships.  Clear out the old emotional clutter and start fresh.  The powerful Mars 8 month transit through your house of transformation is moving into your higher mind-education is a must!


Your home is filled with joy and abundance this month, thanks to Jupiter (jolly) and Venus (playful).  If you have children they may need a  little more from you this month.  Work situations will be on your mind and because Mercury retrograde is sitting in the work house you will be thinking and rethinking how to make your job more in alignment with what you feel you need.  Halfway through the month you will start to make some profound changes and maybe even receive an inheritance.  An old friend may come back into your life.


Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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