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July 2012 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Julie Warne, Rosie, Adam, and Jacob, with Josh in front

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Julie and Paul Warne

Rosie is one lucky horse. Neglected by owners, she was rescued by NHS and then fostered and adoptedby the Warne family.

However, Julie Warne would tell you that it’s her family who is lucky, for adopting Rosie. Rosie loves the kids. She always walks up to them to play lick-the-hand. Everyone will hold out hands and she will go from person to person licking each one. Our kids had lost interest in riding after their old mare, Molly, died a few years ago. Rosie re-sparked their love of riding and today all of them are back in the saddle. Rosie takes great care of them. This beautiful horse has made such a difference in our lives by allowing my children and me to ride safely together again. It’s a true bonding experience for the whole family. We love Rosie and those kind, loving, thankful eyes make us grateful every day she is with us.

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