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June 2010 YP Connections: Non-Profit Profile

The Partnership for Our Kids

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Mission: Creating a community of caring for students in kindergarten through high school, helping more disadvantaged youth graduate and pursue higher education.



Community served: More than 4,500 at-risk youth from 12 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 4 high schools in the Omaha Public School district.

Leadership volunteer opportunities and how people can get involved: The Winners Circle program is an incentive system that motivates students, grades K-6, to set personal, academic and citizenship goals. Volunteers, or “Goal Buddies” visit Winners Circle students in their classrooms twice a quarter, offering extra encouragement to keep them working toward their goals. Students who succeed in achieving their goals are publicly recognized for their accomplishments at quarterly celebrations with their families, teachers and friends. 

In grades 6-12, the All Our Kids program matches groups of 3-4 students with a mentor. Meetings take place twice a month after school in classroom and field trip settings and are facilitated by All Our Kids program staff members. Graduates of the All Our Kids program are eligible for college scholarships through the All Our Kids Endowment Fund.

To learn more about The Partnership For Our Kids, visit www.thepartnershipforourkids.org or contact Phil Jarrett, Recruitment Specialist, at (402) 930-3095 or mentor@allourkids.org.



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