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June 2010 YP Connections: Organization Profile

Lamp Rynearson & Associates Early Career Professionals (ECP)

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Lamp, Rynearson & Associates’ Early Career Professionals (“ECP”) organization provides a channel for employees age 40 and younger to develop as leaders and to have a voice in successful future of the firm. Young professionals become engaged in topics and activities that are valuable and relative to their personal and professional lives.



The ECP program encourages younger employees to attend external training, both for personal growth and to assist in the strategic positioning of the company. The firm has also created an internal coaching and mentoring program for employees, and supports fostering relationships with company mentors. Young professionals are afforded the opportunity to take part in “Business Management Mentoring,” where firm leaders discuss the history of the firm and organizational, financial and operational procedures within the company. 

These young employees contribute as much to the financial success of Lamp Rynearson as they do the cultural success. They provide energy, enthusiasm and insight from the perspective of their generation. The ECP organization implements progressive change through activities and events, leading to a more dynamic culture. Young professionals at Lamp Rynearson feel the sense of engagement and empowerment which correlates to feelings of ownership in the future direction and success of our organization.

Contact: Gaylene Brennan, Human Resources Manager


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