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June 2010 YP Connections: YP Profile

Christopher Norton

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Name: Christopher Norton

Age: 29

Company: 510 Cinema

Title: Executive Producer



Through my hypermedia work with 510 Cinema I have had several opportunities to work with Lawrence Bolding (Forest Gump, The Truman Show, Benny and Joon) someone I have developed a deep respect for and consider a true friend.

Mr. Bolding asked that I serve as a director of 21st Century Films, a 501c3 corporation he organized for the procurement and stabilization of several thousand at-risk Lakota artifacts. These handmade leather artifacts were fashioned by Horn Chips and used by Crazy Horse, Rain in the Face, Gall and other notable Lakotas, and were used in every day life and in battle (including the Custer fight at the Little Big Horn.) 21st Century Films primary goal is to stop the destruction of unique Lakota history, so that it may be saved for present and future Lakota generations.

The organization is currently in pre-production for a feature film and series of documentaries, which will utilize historical and overlooked tribal information from ancestors’ personal accounts and documented historical facts. The are also seeking to create a permanent museum as well as an exhibit that will travel world-wide. In coordination with this, we want to build a tribal family center on the Rosebud Reservation for the Lakota People based on the ways of the elders, with an emphasis on bringing the history and culture of the tribe back to the children so that it is their own.

These projects will provide an opportunity for employment in various capacities for members of one of the most impoverished tribes in the United States, thereby giving the Lakota community resources for their future by preserving and sharing their past.

I have always found the study of history to be fascinating, watching documentaries, listening to lectures and going to museums as often as I can. The opportunity to be a part of projects such as these have been a dream come true. When Mr. Bolding  asked that I become involved I was honored. This is the kind of work you do, not for recognition or career advancement, but because it is bigger than yourself.

In addition to the work with 21st Century films, through 510 Cinema I have recently been granted the opportunity to work with the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce. This is an excellent chance to let young professionals to get a glimpse of what it is like living and working in the community that I call home.

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