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Endless Horizons

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Just like the cautionary line from the James Arness monster movie, Jacobshagen’s work reminds us all to “keep looking up.”

“My wife likes to joke that I can’t see the ketchup bottle right in front of my nose in the refrigerator but I can see something five miles away in my paintings,” quipped the artist. “I would be very happy if people had that experience in front of my work, if it reminded them to keep looking up.”


Also through July 30 at the center is Bemis Gardens. Structured as an open laboratory and interactive exhibition, project series serves to initiate a holistic reconsideration of the center’s land use and exterior relationships with the public. During the exhibition, renovation of the front dock will establish a place for public sculpture and perennial urban gardens.

The entrance to the Bemis may soon be blooming, but other recent art world headlines have been of the wilting variety. Announcements of exulted, household name arts institutions closing, suspending operations or declaring bankruptcy have become frighteningly commonplace.

So how are we doing here in Omaha?

“In a time when arts organizations are in a struggle to keep their doors open, most notably for performing arts organizations, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts has thrived in this, our 30th year of operation,” said Mark Masuoka, the nonprofit’s executive director. “In what was a counterintuitive move, the Bemis Center launched the capital campaign to improve its facilities in support of its international artists-in-residence program. When most arts organizations are shrinking, the Bemis Center is expanding. This will continue to position us as one of the top artist-in-residence programs in the world.”

At a time when too many arts organizations teeter on the edge of twilight, it appears as though the sky’s the limit for the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, just like those endless horizons in Jacobshagen’s paintings.



Through July 30
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
724 S. 12th St.

Tuesdays through Saturdays
Gallery Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Gallery admission is FREE
402-341-7130 or www.bemiscenter.org

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