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From Bauhaus to Your House

Opening of Hotel Deco XV and Zin Room blends luxury and comfort

Being fashionably late has rarely been so memorably chic.


Perhaps the most dramatic entrance of the evening Saturday night at the grand opening gala of the Hotel Deco XV was the arrival of cast members from the blockbuster Broadway musical Wicked, who dashed across the street—the fabled stage door of the Orpheum Theater is only paces away—to mingle with the elbow-to-elbow crowd in the Zin Room, the hotel’s Americana fusion restaurant.


That doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of additional drama all throughout the evening at the art deco jewel situated at the corner of 15th and Harney streets.


The Hotel Deco XV is the beautifully restored and impeccably appointed boutique hotel that has returned the former Redick Tower to its original 1930 glory.


The skyscraper-high backdrop looming over the lobby bar? That’s Arizona artist Justin Queal’s carved wood homage to the starburst patterns on the elevator doors of the building that is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Those sleek Mies van der Rohe Barcelona chairs paired with the chrome tubes that gird the Le Corbusier sofas sprinkled throughout the property? Just a few of the elegant “form follows function” touches added by phenom designer Brad Brooks of b2lab.


The echoes of Bauhaus elements found throughout the stylishly contemporary 89-room hotel yield to a “your house” vibe in the Zin Room. “Your house,” that is, if your home happens to feature a two-storey fireplace that still manages to seem somehow dwarfed by a towering image, the vintage night view of the Empire State Building that anchors the back wall of the space that specializes in Zinfandel.


“Ryan wanted a warmer, cabin-like feel for the Zin Room as something of a contrast to balance the look of the hotel,” Brooks explained.


“Ryan” is Ryan Gish, the chef and restaurateur behind the uber-popular Ryan’s Bistro in west Omaha.


“How do I think the evening is going?” Gish said in answering a question with a question. “The best part about tonight is that it doesn’t matter what I think. The only thing that matters is what Omaha thinks and I’m thrilled to have had so many people tell me (the Zin Room had been in “soft open” mode in the days preceding the event) that they feel like they’re dining in a restaurant reminiscent of something they’d find in New York or some other, much larger city.”


The exterior of the floodlit brick and terra cotta building offers mere hints of the delights that await inside Omaha's newest landmark property, the multimillion dollar White Lotus Development effort whose rooms carry the names of treasured Art Deco buildings—Rockefeller, Chrysler, Empire—all edifices that epitomize American success and pride.


And that was the one-word answer given to a question posed to White Lotus principal Arun Agarwal, pictured above (center) with Gish (left) and Hotel Deco XV managing director Zachary Z. Zoul (right).


“Pride,” beamed Agarwal. “That’s what we feel tonight. Pride. This is a family businesses backed by a great team of associates and partners. It’s the sum of all those efforts that made this project so fantastic to work on.”


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