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Summer Trends 2011

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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My father always told me “there’s nothing new under the sun,” and as I’ve worked in the fashion industry, I’ve seen more than ever just how right he is! Every season, designers send their collections down the runways with what they think is the newest, freshest trends for the season. But what we seem to forget is that they all draw inspiration from the past, and many times, from women like us. The best part about the summer trends is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to wear them. Instead get creative with the clothes you own, of course adding a new piece here and there! So after scouring the runways and real women alike, here are my top five favorite trends for Summer 2011!

Mal Pearson is a nationally recognized Style & Beauty Guide with the Daily Buzz, on the CW Network. In addition, she works as a Celebrity Stylist for both ShoeDazzle.com and Urban Darling. If you would like to book Mal as your personal stylist visit her online at www.malpearson.com!



One of my favorite trends this summer is the variety in skirt lengths! Let’s face it, we’re not all made for a mini, but what most women fail to realize is that you don’t have to show a lot of leg to be sexy. A longer length skirt leaves something to the imagination and also proves much more versatile, easily transitioning from day to night!
Haute Hints: Try out these three new skirt lengths,
making sure to match each one to your body type and height.

  • Knee Length: This is the most versatile skirt, and any woman, tall or short, can pull it off flawlessly!
  • Midi: By far the hottest skirt this season falling between your knee and ankle. The taller you are the longer you can go. If you’re short, keep the hem closer to your knee.
  • Maxi: A maxi is a floor length skirt and is all about bringing the drama! Just because it’s long doesn’t mean it has to be be dressy! A knit maxi is one of the hottest looks this summer!

This season, one of the hottest trends comes straight out of Studio 54! The seventies are back in fashion. From brights and bolds to wide leg high-waisted jeans, we’re in a time warp. From the looks of it, we aren't getting back anytime soon! So, how can you stroll into seventies style without looking like you stepped straight out of Woodstock?
Haute Hints: Try incorporating one signature seventies trend into your ensemble.

  • Jump into a jumpsuit!
  • Trade your skinnies for wide leg jeans.
  • Buy a pair of sky-high platforms.

One of the biggest keys to crossing over from a “nice” outt to a “drop dead gorgeous, make your friends jealous” outt is all about adding that element of sophistication. This summer, try the monochromatic trend. Keep to one color, or shades of one color from head to toe for that sophisticated Fifth Avenue vibe you’ve been looking for!
Haute Hints: The monochromatic trend works best in color extremes.

  • White: This season, all white is the hottest monochromatic trend!
  • Nudes: Choose the nude color that compliments your skin tone.
  • Brights: If you’re brave enough, try some summer brights from head to toe and really make a statement!

Mixing prints is probably one of the most difficult trends to pull off, but when done right, looks absolutely killer and wildly high fashion! The biggest key is to take your body type into account when picking your prints. Choose a print proportionate to your body so you aren't lost in the mix! So here are my tips to tricking those prints into a harmonized guise.
Haute Hints: Pick complimentary prints!

  • Same Print, Different Colors
  • Stripes vs. Floral
  • Contrasting Colors: Play up the difference in pattern by choosing two that also have two different color palettes.

Take it back to the future with color-blocking brights! Carting the trend from Twiggy's era and sixties mod, color-blocking is back in fashion, and perhaps one of the simplest trends to try this season. What I love most about this trend? You can use solid separates from your closed to create the look, no purchase necessary!n
Haute Hints: It’s all about the solids!

  • Choose complimentary colors. I call purple and teal “secondary neutrals” because they literally go with every color in the book!
  • Add a neutral to tone down the trend. If you’re just starting to warm up to color-blocking pair a bright with a neutral for the PG version of this trend.
  • Pick colors that are similar to one another that you would normally think of as clashing, such as pink and red or navy and black.

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