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June 2012 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Keith and Linda Bushardt with Preston and Jazzy

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Keith and Linda Bushardt with Preston and Jazzy


If you asked Mr. Preston about his recent move to the Bushardt household, he’d likely tell you that he just hit the jackpot. The little year old Yorkie needed a new home after being dropped off at NHS. He was being showcased at the recent NHS fundraiser, Black Tie and Tails, when Keith and Linda spotted him.

“He was just so cute at the event,” says Keith, “we had to see if he would be a good fit with our eight year old Yorkie Jazzy.” Preston made himself at home in 10 minutes, and Jazz gracefully accepted the youngster. “She’s beginning to play more, which is really good for her,” explains Linda, “she is used to being around other dogs, but we didn’t want to overwhelm her.” While Jazz is enjoying the occasional game of tug and having another dog to curl up with at night, Preston is a whirling dervish of activity. “He gallops around the house, and will play tug of war and fetch for hours. We can’t tire him out, but we are really enjoying him!”

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