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March 2010 YP Connections: Young Professional Profile

Sherrye Hutcherson

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When I moved to Omaha, Nebraska, my service began on the Board of the Salem Community Development Corporation. That experience enriched my understanding of our church’s goal for community outreach as well as the needs of North Omaha and the Omaha Community abroad. 



Today, I am privileged to have the opportunity to continue to serve. Most recently, I have spent some time in the community speaking to groups about “how to interview well” or about “how to dress for the next job". I have enjoyed the discussion and come away enlightened and intrigued by the talent and ambition that surrounded me. My five-year-old-daughter attends the meetings with me and she has commented, “Mommy, I want to be like you all when I grow up.” Of course, that is the point! 

Being an INROADS Board member has allowed me to work with talented interns who are eager to learn and grow. In 2009, OPPD employed 15 INROADS students as interns or coops in engineering and financial positions. I learned so much about their technical projects and somewhere in there, I was able to share bits and pieces of the great wisdom that my mentors imparted on me.   

"My wonderful husband Westly and our five-year-old twins, Miles and Maya, support me and are quick to join in to help. That makes all the difference."

-Sherrye Hutcherson

One of my most enjoyable affiliations is with the Omaha Network. It is a group of women professionals who come together to network; to mentor; to support one another; and learn about local, state, and national topics that are important to our community. At OPPD, our women’s network is just as profound. The Steering Committee that I serve on worked with various women across the company to host OPPD’s first enterprise wide Women’s Conference in October of 2009. The theme was “Women and Leadership” and we enjoyed local Executives as our guest speakers. The feedback was phenomenal and we plan to make it an annual event. 

My work on the Board of Directors for the Urban League of Nebraska is rewarding. The dedicated President and staff work diligently to bring programs to our community that are improving the numbers of minority students entering college. Starting a second term on the Board is exciting for me. I have attended two National conventions, and each time I have brought back a little nugget that has helped me be a better contributor to the League and the community. 

As a professional and wife and mother of two, it is sometimes hard to balance it all.  But, my wonderful husband Westly and our five-year-old twins, Miles and Maya, support me and are quick to join in to help. That makes all the difference.

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