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Positive Reform

March 2010 metroSPIRIT: Horoscopes

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March may start off a little slow, but after the 10th there will be great forward movement in any area you have been planning for this past winter. Its a weary world out there, and we could all use a little more fun. March will be the time to start incorporating that.



The world continues to struggle with the positive reforms that are necessary for survival, and much of what has been hidden from humanity will come to the forefront in many areas. The square of Pluto/Sun on the 25th will have the world re-examining its motives and what is truly important. These are not easy times that we live in, and some hard choices are in the offing. The world will be letting go of much more in the years to come. Poverty, disease, and war are a few of the things being looked at by some pretty big planetary energies. Equality, integrity, patience, tolerance, compassion and the like will be rewarded globally and individually. Get real, let go of all that holds you from happiness and move into the emerging spirit of The Great Humanitarian that we all are.


This month nears your "time" of the year and the Full Moon on the 29th may bring a desired healing into your life. This is a month for you with strong energy for fun/children and creating more of the life you desire. Old habits come up for a clearing, let them go if they don't serve you well. Friends can be a little domineering this month, and some old wounds may be reopened. Forgiveness is a good practice.


The New Moon in Aquarius on the 15th has you wondering if you will ever find what you truly desire. A good use of this Moon would be a ceremony to honor the depths of your spiritual and human sides. An especially good time to plant seeds for future career growth. Friends are of a spiritual nature all month and bringing you joy at times and frustration at others. Some shadow part of you is asking for healing all month long.


Relax, you aren't crazy and probably not bi-polar either, it's just Mars in your mind. It's making you stamp your foot and demand to be heard. When the New Moon opposes mid-month you will be wondering what all the fuss has been about. This will be a time for great strides in balancing erratic thought processes. The Full Moon on the 29th indicates some emotionally charged home energies, stay calm and make them happy ones.


A sensitive soul, now that Jupiter has moved into dreamy/spiritual Pisces, you have an opportunity to be in tune with much higher philosophies. The Sun travels with Jupiter during the first part of the month adding a powerful boost of positive energy to your thinking process. The Neptune/Chiron energy in your house of death/rebirth is still stirring up some strange thoughts and mid-month could be a mysterious adventure.


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