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March 2010 metroSPIRIT: Horoscopes

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Mars is moving again and so are you and all the plans you've been making this winter. Make money plans mid-month and reap the rewards by the end. A good month for healing some old relationship issues. Jupiter is adding to your good luck all year, possibly an inheritance coming or another person willing to fund your projects. Take advantage of any offer of resources this month.


What a great month for your partnerships! A lot of beneficial energy is available to smooth out marriages and business partnerships. With help from Saturn in your financial sector, you could finalize a business deal with great ease and rewards. Breathe in the fresh air, lighten your load and head on into warmer climates and smoother waters!   


The world sees you as a responsible teacher at this time, thank you, Saturn, on your ascendant. The Sun is opposing that on the first of the month and making you re-think just how you present yourself to the world, and is that how you want to be seen? Work is abundant and even rewarding now as everything lightens up for spring. Your playful spirit is demanding more play time, start planning a vacation or just slip off for the weekend. Great time to play with friends!


Home/family/children/creativity are big this month and should be a lot of fun! Your health is good now, and it may be time to set in place healthy habits that continue through your life. You have always been a deep thinker and may want to turn that into a book of poetry or racy novel as you will get help from the planets with any writing.


You have always been able to pluck thoughts out of the air of a profound nature. Now, your mind has never been this creative and so full of unusual and interesting thoughts. Be sure you write them down and let them work for you to bring in extra cash. Home has settled down a bit and is feeding a spiritual part of you that has needed this for a while. Should be a fun spring and long awaited.


The New Moon in your house of talents and resources may have you daydreaming about what new ways you can express yourself. Maybe even a new talent or two making an appearance. Home has never been lovelier and the warmer weather makes you anxious to dig in the flower garden. Career continues to have the support of prestigious Saturn, your ruler.


Relationships may have had quite a few ego struggles this winter but that could change now that Mars is moving forward again. Just remember, you dont always have to be right. Cut your lover/partner some slack. Emotional tides with the full moon at the end of the month may have you dreaming some pretty unusual dreams. Keep it spiritual.


You are and have been swimming in a sea of juicy spiritual/revolutionary energies-your favorite place to be. This month a few mysteries of life after death may be revealed to you. An emotionally fulfilling time with your loved one is possible end of month. Great month for earning money but better keep a budget as it may go out as fast as it comes in. 


Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. She is locally based at Morning Star Center, 7561 Main St. Ste. 420, Ralston, NE 68127  402.884.0621 info@morningstarcenter.com

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