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The World is Your Mirror

March 2010 metroSPIRIT: Soul's Journey


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Most of us look in a mirror every day. Sometimes it's consciously, sometimes out of habit, and other times for a specific purpose. We look in the mirror, see our reflection and get a sense of how we look. There is a greater mirror available to us as well, and that one holds the reflection of ourselves that we see in other people. 



Our relationships can be one of the greatest teachers we have in life. They not only help us learn love, patience, boundaries, and effective communication, they are a mirror of our relationship to ourselves.    

Every doubt and insecurity we have about ourselves and our own worthiness is brought forward in our relationships. Every need to prove ourselves, to seek approval, and our sense of safety and security is played out with the people in our lives. What this means then is that every relationship can show us a reflection of our own Divinity, where we are limiting ourselves or stuck in old patterns. Every
relationship holds a key to our own healing and expansion.

What do your relationships say to you or about you? If you were to look in to your relationship reflections, what does this mirror tell you about: 

  •  How safe you feel to open your heart
  •  How worthy you believe yourself to be
  •  How honest you are with yourself
  •  Unhealed traumas or emotional wounds
  •  Beliefs about being good enough
  •  What you value in others that you are not seeing in yourself
  •  What qualities you judge in others that you're not owning in yourself
  •  How you love and take care of yourself 
  •  How safe you feel to be yourself
  •  The responsibility you take for yourself or for others
  •  What your motivations are for your actions
  •  How comfortable you are to let go
  • The "themes" your soul is bringing forward for you to look at in this lifetime 

Instead of blaming others for not being who we want them to be or not loving us the way we want, we can begin to look at our relationships in a new way. Rather than trying to change the other person, we can begin to heal those parts of ourselves being reflected in other people that upset us.   

For our own personal evolution and spiritual development, it is very helpful to become an observer. To look at the situations and people that trigger anger, guilt, loneliness, and helplessness. What are they saying about you? What part inside of you needs your attention? What is the belief about yourself or about life that you're holding on to?  

These responses and limiting beliefs are not who we are. They are what we have learned. We can release them and be free. We can begin to love ourselves in such a way that our sense of safety and worth comes from within. When we connect on a Soul level, that loving is what becomes most important. 

"All of your relationships are inside of you. There's no relationship out there. There is only the reflection of what you are doing inside yourself and how you're dealing with relationships inside of you, not out there. It may look as if a relationship is you with another person or with other people, but it is always you within you, and relationships are one of the greatest mirrors you can have for yourself-your patterns, your beliefs, your conditioned responses."


We often dont understand what our soul is seeking here. So, instead of looking inside, we continue to repeat the same patterns, hold on to old resentments, and keep attracting the same type or person into our lives. If we end up leaving the person or situation, without changing the pattern within ourselves, they will show up again and again, just bearing a different name. Our soul always seeks wholeness and will bring forward exactly the right situations and people to help us clear any patterns that no longer serve us or keep us trapped. 

We can begin to be thankful that it got set up this way to bring forward these awarenesses that will lead to our growth. 

When the quality of the relationship with our selves improves, the quality of our other relationships will shift as well. The actions of other people lose their power to affect us, or we get the courage to speak up. Sometimes we get the courage to leave a situation.  And this time, they dont show up again in another form, because we are not the same. We have moved on and are creating new reflections that are part of our Soul's purpose and for our Highest Good. We are here to learn to love our reflection on all levels. 

If you are interested in exploring the reflection of your relationships or wanting help in releasing old patterns, please call me at 884-0621.


Dixie Clark, MS, MSS, LPC is Director and co-founder of Morning Star Center, a holistic wellness center. A licensed counselor and ordained minister, she holds a masters degree in both counseling and spiritual science, and is currently obtaining her doctorate in spiritual science. With over 26 years experience in mind/body therapies, she combines psychology and spirituality to help people release emotional blocks, heal past trauma and change limiting beliefs to open to soul awareness.

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